Mistaking the CEO for a Gigolo Chapter 2080

Chapter 2080 Her Days Are Numbered

“What do you mean when I’m not around? Does he intend to divorce me and kick me out?” Angelique was extremely surprised.

“It’s not going to be a divorce. It’s your death we’re talking about. Once you’re dead, you’ll be gone, won’t you?” “What did you say? Why would I die?”

“Because… I’ll be honest with you. Do you know why you have been feeling weak and lethargic all the time? Do you really think you were exhausted from caring for the children?

You only spend two hours a day playing with them, while the nanny does all the work. There’s no way it would tire you out like that. The truth is you’re about to die soon. That’s why you feel that way,” Mabel revealed.

“Lies!” Angelique was shocked. “I’m not lying. You have been severely poisoned, and this has been part of Mr. Simpson’s plan.” Angelique was dumbstruck at the news.

“Don’t you understand now? Mr. Simpson wants to divorce you, but he knows that you would never agree. If the matter blows up, the controversy would be bad for the company.

As a result, he came up with this plan to get rid of you! The broth that you drink every day is what’s killing you. It was Mr. Simpson who tasked me with preparing it just for you.”

“R-Rodney wants me dead?” The revelation struck Angelique like a lightning bolt. Meanwhile, a wicked glint flashed in Mabel’s eye. Rodney isn’t the one who wants you dead. It’s actually me!

“Angelique, now that you’re well aware of your situation, why don’t kill yourself and die with dignity? Of course, you can choose otherwise by going to the hospital. Nevertheless, I guarantee you that your fate is sealed. The poison within you is so strong that no doctor can cure you.

“Furthermore, Rodney isn’t going to allow them to, coupled with the fact that he will try every trick in the book to end your life. You have to realize that no matter what, Rodney and I will be together, while you won’t last more than a few days. Obviously, you have the option of desperate struggling to live a little longer, but what if something untoward were to happen to your son? He might end up waiting for you at the gates of hell instead. Considering how young he is, it would certainly be an ugly shame.”

“A-Are you using my son to extort me into killing myself?”

“Not at all, for you will be dead soon enough. I just want you to free yourself from the agony a few days earlier.”

“My son belongs to Rodney too. If you dare hurt him, Rodney will never forgive you!”

“Your concern for me is unnecessary. Given how much I dote on him as his loving godmother, Rodney will never believe that I’m responsible for any unfortunate accidents. Besides, I don’t have to do everything myself, do I?

“Moreover, you should know what kind of person Rodney is. He’s someone Machiavellian who makes decisions only in his own interest. Even if he suspects me, there’s no way he will make me, the mother of his unborn child, pay for the life of a dead one, don’t you think?”

“W-What did you say?” Angelique stared at Mabel’s stomach in shock. “Aren’t you supposed to be barren?”

“Rodney told me to lie so that you would agree to let me be your son’s godmother. By doing so, I’ll bond with him and replace you went the time comes.”

Angelique was seized by panic when it dawned upon her that Rodney had smashed The Promise for Mabel’s sake.

She also recalled that it was Rodney who brought Mabel back to cook for her and her son.

It’s now clear that her true goal is to poison me and take my place once I’m gone. Rodney truly wants me dead so that I can make way for this woman.

With color drained from her face, Angelique suddenly puked a mouthful of blood which even caught Mabel by surprise.

Did I succeed in riling her up?

Mabel broke out a bloodthirsty smile.

“Look, you are already throwing up blood. At your current state, you’ll probably be on the brink of death tomorrow or the day after. Why don’t you step aside today for the sake of your child?”

Wiping the residual blood off the corner of her mouth, Angelique stared into Mabel’s eyes. “Since my days are numbered, why are you insisting that I die today?”

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