Mistaking the CEO for a Gigolo Chapter 2078

Chapter 2078 The Investigations

After a brief hesitation, Angelique requested, “Send me the photo.” “W-Why?” “I want to get someone to investigate where and when the picture was taken.”

When Mabel saw how collected Angelique was, she began to feel self-conscious. Since the photo wasn’t professionally doctored, Angelique would quickly find out that it was a fake. As a result, there was no way she could send the photo to Angelique.

After taking out her phone and scrolling through it, she exclaimed, “Oh! I just remembered. Yesterday, I accidentally deleted all the pictures on my phone. Therefore, I no longer have it.”

Angelique stared briefly at her. “In that case, why don’t you ask your friend where she took the picture and give me the address. I remember seeing a luxurious hotel in the background. I’m sure they have security feeds which I can get my men to check.”

“Erm… All right, I’ll check with my friend later.”

When Angelique noticed Mabel’s awkward expression, she pestered her, “Make the call right now, and ask where the picture was taken?”


Faced with Angelique’s curiosity, Mabel walked out to the balcony and pretended to make a call. After speaking briefly, she returned to Angelique’s side and reported, “My friend said that she can’t remember clearly. It seems to her that it happened more than ten days ago in front of Citria Hotel.”

Knitting her brows, Angelique hesitated for a fleeting moment before making a call.

“Check the security feeds of Citria Hotel more than ten days ago, and report to me all of Mr. Simpson’s movements then.”

Meanwhile, Mabel could feel her heart pounding furiously. If Angelique found out that the event behind the picture never happened at all, her plan would be foiled.

Staring at the feeble-looking Angelique, Mabel decided that she had to seize the initiative.

“Angelique, I’ll prepare a bowl of broth for you to supplement your health.”

After Angelique nodded in acknowledgment, Mabel returned to the kitchen. As she scanned the ingredients inside, a terrifying thought occurred to her. The sight of Angelique collapsing after drinking her broth flashed across her mind. However, after considering the repercussions that might ensue, she quickly put the idea at the back of her head.

No, that’s too risky. Rodney will definitely investigate the matter. If he finds out that it was me, I’ll have to pay with my life. When that happens, I’ll end up losing everything.

After deliberating on the matter, a vicious glint flashed in her eyes as a plan began formulating in her mind. Fifteen minutes later, a faint smile gradually crept onto her face.

Mrs. Simpson, your time is up, and I will be the next Mrs. Simpson!

With that, Mabel set her plan in motion by giving Axel a call.

She told him that Rodney was in a bad mood and that he should take Rodney out drinking more often. She also informed him that Rodney was having problems at home and he should counsel Rodney about it.

Subsequently, Axel agreed without question for he was both Rodney’s close friend and business partner.

That night, he invited Rodney out for a drink. By the time Rodney returned home, he was utterly drunk.

When the driver helped Rodney into the living hall, Mabel walked up to assist him. “How much did he drink? How did he end up this way?”

“You should prepare something for his hangover later. Mr. Lopez mentioned that Mr. Simpson had drunk a lot due to his bad mood.”

“All right then, leave him with me. Since Mrs. Simpson is asleep, we should let Mr. Simpson sober up in the guest room so that he doesn’t disturb her.”

After helping Rodney to the guest room, Mabel heard his phone ring. When she answered it out of curiosity, a voice rang out before she could say a word.

“Mr. Simpson, the man who sent the flowers to Mrs. Simpson has gone overseas two nights before. Other than the flowers, I can’t find anything that connects both of them together. Hence, I don’t think they know each other before this.”

Mabel’s heart dropped upon hearing the words. Rodney actually had the matter investigated? Furthermore, he managed to get to the bottom of it in such a short time.

“Mr. Simpson, do you want me to go overseas and bring that man back?”

Mabel quickly regained her senses. I’m the one responsible for hiring that man. If he is brought back here, my lies would be exposed and that would be the end of me!

“Mr. Simpson has drunk too much tonight and has fallen asleep. You should call him tomorrow instead.”

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