Mistaking the CEO for a Gigolo Chapter 2077

Chapter 2077 The Picture

After receiving the phone curiously, she was instantly drawn to the picture on it. In the photo, Rodney was hugging a woman. Given that Angelique was rarely exposed to the outside world and seldom read the gossip columns, she had no idea how to tell if a photo had been doctored. Hence, she readily believed everything Mabel showed her.

The moment Mabel detected the disappointment and anguish on Angelique’s face, she gloated to herself. Angelique is clearly convinced that Rodney is having an affair. After all, anyone who deeply loves their husband would be similarly devastated after seeing those pictures.

Worried that Angelique might see through her ploy, Mabel quickly took back her phone and comforted the former, “Angelique, don’t be sad. Mr. Simpson is an exceptionally attractive man.

Given that you were willing to go all out in pursuit of him back then, it isn’t surprising that someone shares the same desire as you did. Also, Rodney is still a man at the end of the day. Sometimes, he just can’t help… Oh, you know, all guys are just the same. Being lecherous is in their nature.”

Even though Angelique was listening to Mabel’s ramblings, her mind didn’t register any of it at all. At that moment, the images of Rodney hugging the lady, the distorted ring, and the shattered diamond flooded her mind.

Why is he treating me so badly? Is it because his feelings have changed and that there’s someone else?

When Mabel saw how crestfallen Angelique was, she knew the latter was wallowing in the depths of disappointment.

Hence, she pretended to console her, “Angelique, don’t fret. I’ll help you keep an eye on Mr. Simpson and find out who that lady is. After that, I’ll get that vixen to leave him. Don’t you worry, I’ll definitely help you out.”

Despite being crushed by the news, Angelique kept mum throughout. It wasn’t until a long while had passed that she got Mabel to leave with the excuse that she was feeling under the weather.

Once Mabel was gone, Angelique didn’t go back to sleep, for she had devised a plan during her earlier silence. She called her aide to investigate Rodney’s recent movements and to check if he was spending time with other women.

The next evening, the aide reported back, telling her that Rodney didn’t seem well. He had entertained more than usual but was spending time with men and not women.

In fact, when he had too much to drink once, his business partner tried to send him two pretty ladies to gain his favor for a project. However, he flew into a rage and took them to task for it. Ever since then, he was known within the business circles as a doting husband who would never betray his wife.

“Are the results of your investigations really true? Could you have missed anything?”

If that’s the case, how did the picture on Mabel’s phone come about? It was something Angelique was curious about.

The aide replied, “Mrs. Simpson, the conclusion of my investigations is watertight. Unless Mr. Simpson has a twin running around, he certainly has no time for anything else.”

After ending the call, Angelique was still confused. If my aide is telling the truth, that would mean there’s something wrong with the photo Mabel showed me. Can there be a misunderstanding somewhere?

Just when she was lost in thought, she heard a knock on the bedroom door. Mabel subsequently entered and gave her a sympathetic look. “Angelique, you look a little haggard today. Why don’t I make you some nutritious broth? What kind of flavor would you like it to be?”

Instead of responding to her question, Angelique asked about the picture, “With regards to the picture you showed me yesterday, which friend of yours sent it to you? Can there be a misunderstanding somewhere?”

Mabel’s heart dropped. Did she see through my scheme? Or discovered something? Why else is she doubting my picture?

“Erm, one of my classmates sent it to me. Is there a problem?”

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