Mistaking the CEO for a Gigolo Chapter 2076

Chapter 2076 The Promise

“Where’s the gift Mrs. Simpson received today?” “Erm… Mr. Simpson, Mrs. Simpson gave it to me for safekeeping and told me to keep it out of your sight. Hence, she’ll blame me if I hand it over to you. G-Going forward, I won’t be able to come here and visit Wil anymore. Therefore, I-I can’t give it to you.”

“Cut the crap, and hand it over!” Stumped, Mabel rubbed her fingers in hesitation before giving Wilbur a pleading look.

“Mr. Simpson, I-I’ll bring you the present. H-However, you’ll have to keep this from Mrs. Simpson on my behalf.”

As Rodney stared at her in silence, Mabel hurried anxiously to her room to retrieve the “present” for him. When Rodney saw the box in her hand, he recognized it from the picture his aide had sent him.

After snatching it away from Mabel and opening it, he was greeted by the sight of a diamond ring.

He was familiar with the design of the ring, for it was known as The Promise which symbolized true love. Back in the day, he had given Angelique one and didn’t expect another man to give another to her.

As Mabel observed Rodney’s reaction, she clenched her sleeve in suspense. I wonder if Rodney can recognize it.

Given that The Promise was an extremely valuable limited edition ring, there was no way she could afford it. Hence, she stole it from Axel’s wife, hoping that Rodney would be fooled by it. After all, any man who was willing to give his wife The Promise must definitely be involved with her.

At that moment, Rodney’s expression drastically changed. When Mabel saw him suddenly throw the ring away in exasperation, she was delighted by the sight.

Rodney has been taken in by the ruse! Thus, my efforts to steal the ring have not gone in vain.

Subsequently, Rodney roared all of a sudden, “Pick up that ring, and smash it!”

Even though the maid had no idea what was going on, she had no choice but to comply out of fear.

After smashing the ring out of shape and its diamond into broken shards, the maid placed what was left of it on a transparent plate and showed it to Rodney.

Rodney ordered, “Send this ring up to Mrs. Simpson’s room and tell her that her Promise has been destroyed!”

“Yes, Mr. Simpson.”

The maid brought the ring upstairs and knocked on the bedroom door. When there was no answer, she called out while continuing to knock, “Mrs. Simpson, Mrs. Simpson…”

Having been woken up from her sleep, Angelique rubbed her eyes as she gathered her senses. “Come in.”

Upon entering the room, the maid showed Angelique the ring. Clueless about what was going on, Angelique asked the former what it was about.

After giving Angelique a careful glance, the maid lowered her head. “Mr. Simpson said that he has destroyed your Promise.”


Angelique took a closer look.

This is The Promise which symbolizes Rodney’s love for me. Why did he have to smash it?

No sooner was Angelique lost in confusion than Mabel walked in. After sending the maid out, she regurgitated the script she had prepared to sow discord between Angelique and Rodney.

“Angelique, don’t be sad. Mr. Simpson must have done it on impulse. Even if he has a mistress outside, it won’t affect his love for you. Come what may, you still mean something to him.”

“What mistress?” Angelique gave Mabel a doubtful look.

Mabel sighed to herself. Mrs. Simpson is really sharp. She managed to pick out what I wanted to convey right away.

“No, it’s nothing. Angelique, don’t overthink it.”

“What do you know?” Angelique pressed on with a frosty expression.

After looking out the door hesitantly, Mabel got up and closed the room door on purpose. She then returned to Angelique’s side and showed the latter a picture on her phone.

“Angelique, my friend sent me this. Please don’t tell Mr. Simpson that I showed this to you.”

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