Mistaking the CEO for a Gigolo Chapter 2075

Chapter 2075 Confrontation

Upon returning to the Simpson residence that afternoon, Mabel paid special attention to Rodney’s expression. To her satisfaction, he wore a visible scowl that seemed to her like the calm before a storm.

Looks like he has seen the photograph of his wife receiving a gift from another man. What would he do next? From her corner, she watched as Rodney glared unblinkingly at his wife.

Angelique had not eaten all day. As a result of Mabel’s recipes, Angelique found herself so exhausted despite the light stroll that she could not bother herself with her husband’s displeasure.

Ignoring her husband’s gaze, she trudged upstairs. Rodney’s anger flared up instantly. After glaring at the servants in the room, he went upstairs in her wake.

As soon as she crossed the threshold of the room, Angelique slumped across the bed without even deigning to look at Rodney.

Gazing at her lethargic state, Rodney thought of the man who had given her the gift. His mind immediately conjured a romantic and intimate date between them.

“Did you have fun today?” he asked with forced calmness.

She merely nodded.

“Where did you go? It wasn’t Mabel who showed you such a good time, was it?”

Angelique raised a bleary eye up at him. “Just around the mall.”

“Is that so? Somebody saw you with a man today. Who might that be?”

“What man?” Angelique rubbed her temples wearily. “It was only me and Mabel today.”

Rodney clenched his fists at his wife’s reticence. “You’re learning to lie to me. A photograph of you and a man was taken. Explain yourself.”

“What man? I’ve already told you that there was no man. If there’s nothing else, I would like to take a nap. I’m exhausted.”

Angelique was just about to lie down when Rodney walked over. Roughly tearing her top open, he scanned her body for signs of adultery.

Angelique was outraged. “What are you doing?” she cried weakly.

Despite not discovering anything, Rodney remained in a towering temper. Turning to stride out of the bedroom, he slammed the door shut without another word.

Though she found his actions strange, Angelique was too tired to justify his behavior. As soon as her head hit the pillow, she fell asleep.

At the foot of the stairs, Rodney hesitated for a moment before approaching Mabel, who was engrossed in a cookbook, to ask her about the gift from the man and if his wife and that man had engaged in any other activities.

It was the question Mabel had been waiting for. Appearing terrified at his interrogation, she shook her head repeatedly as though she was unable to speak.

“I’m going to ask you once more,” he snarled. “Who was the man who gave my wife a gift?”

Mabel glanced up to meet Rodney’s eyes before hurriedly lowering them again as she fidgeted nervously with the pages of her cookbook.

“If you do not tell me the truth this instant,” Rodney threatened, “get out of my house and never return. You’ll never see Wil again.”

“You can’t do this, Mr. Simpson. I’m Wil’s godmother!” With an air of convincing anxiety, she continued, “How could you make me choose between Angelique and Wil? Please, don’t do this!”

Rodney picked up on the implications of that statement at once. His worst fears were being confirmed before his very eyes.

“I know you’re hiding something! Tell me everything.”

After demonstrating an internal struggle, she delivered the speech she had prepared beforehand.

The gist of it was that Angelique and the man were indeed more than acquaintances.

“Mr. Simpson,” Mabel concluded pleadingly, “Yes, Angelique has met him several times for a chat. Though she seems to like him, I can promise you that Angelique has never cheated on you.”

Mabel’s acting was superb. The final sentence was conveyed with just enough hesitance to make it seem like a bald-faced lie.

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