Mistaking the CEO for a Gigolo Chapter 2074

Chapter 2074 The Gift

Mabel’s heart leaped with anticipation at the question. Of course a man would be suspicious if his wife has not been intimate with him for months.

Sensing the arrival of her opportunity, she willed herself to contain her emotions. This is my chance! I must tread very carefully from here. The end is imminent!

“N-Nobody at all,” she stammered with careful deliberation. “We didn’t see anybody.” Rodney picked up on her hesitance at once. “Are you sure?” he pressed on.

“Yes, I’m sure. Don’t overthink it, Mr. Simpson. Angelique still loves you very much.” Concluding her insincere remark with a shifty glance at him, Mabel mumbled an excuse about needing to prepare Wilbur’s food before scurrying off.

Rodney knew that she was hiding something. She’s probably even covering for Angelique!

Determined to confirm his suspicions, he sent a man to keep watch on his wife to inform him of any correspondences she might have, especially with men.

Mabel anticipated that and used it to her advantage, arranging for an unexpected encounter for Angelique the next time they were at a mall.

While the women were out walking, a man suddenly appeared before Angelique with an expensive-looking gift in his arms. Unaware that he was blocking their path, he stood before them and studied her intently.

Angelique was astonished. “And you are?”

“I…” the man began before gulping breathlessly. “Sorry for bothering you. I must have mistaken you for my sister. You look so much like her.”

“Is that so?” Angelique remarked carelessly. Feeling tired before even stepping foot out of the house, she was in no mood to engage in casual conversation with strangers.

The man nodded, looking crestfallen. “My sister ran away from home many years ago, and we haven’t heard from her since. I try not to think about it, but she’s more than likely…”

Angelique roused herself from her stupor at such a grave topic. “Have faith,” she consoled him. “I believe that she’s still out there somewhere.”

The man’s eyes brightened up. “Do you really? If she’s still alive, she must be as beautiful as you.”

As though suddenly making up his mind after a period of silence, he handed the gift to her. “It’s her birthday today. Since I have no way of making sure she receives her gift, could you accept it on her behalf? I’ll feel a lot better knowing that my gift has been delivered. Please?”

Angelique hesitated, unsure if she should accept the gift meant for another.

Mabel shot the man a surreptitious glance. With a renewed bout of effort, he tried once again to persuade her to accept the gift.

“Though this is the first time we’re seeing each other, I can already tell from the way you carry yourself that you are a kind-hearted person. If you accept this gift, it would bring my sister good luck and let me locate her soon.”

Angelique appeared visibly moved by the newfound symbolic meaning attached to the gift.

Mabel took the opportunity to chime in, “Just accept the gift, Angelique. If you don’t feel good about it, give him an address to send it to. When he finds his sister, she will be the one to come to you and collect her gift. Think of it as accepting it on behalf of her, won’t you? You’re doing it as a favor to her and granting his wish.”

“This lady’s right,” the man added eagerly. “If I ever find her, I will have her pay you a visit to thank you for keeping her gift safe for her.”

Angelique glanced at the gift in his hands. “Then I’ll keep it safe for her. Here’s my address. You can head over there any time you like to retrieve the gift.”

“Thank you, thank you so much!” cried the overjoyed man, almost shoving the gift into her arms.

Angelique glanced at the gift in her hands, then at the departing silhouette of its giver, feeling strangely uneasy.

Mabel, on the other hand, could not conceal her glee. “Let me carry it for you, Angelique.”

If Rodney’s man saw this, he would have undoubtedly taken a photograph for his employer despite not being able to hear what was being said and not knowing what happened. With photographic proof of Angelique receiving the gift, I would have something to work on to drive a wedge further between Rodney and his stupid wife!

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