Mistaking the CEO for a Gigolo Chapter 2073

Chapter 2073 Part Of The Family

“Thank you, Mrs. Simpson. I…” Mabel began before she was interrupted by a burst of inspiration. “I found out that I am unable to bear children, despite being very fond of them. I just realized how intrusive my request must have sounded, and I am thankful that you do not think lesser of me because of it.” The lie quickly managed to evoke Angelique’s sympathy.

What a horrible thing it is for a woman to be barren. As a mother, I understand how she must be feeling. “I’m sorry. I didn’t know that you…” Angelique’s voice trailed off uncertainly. “You don’t have to be, Mrs. Simpson. I wasn’t blaming you. I was just lamenting my fate.”

Even from that age, Mabel had been honing her craft. After gaining Angelique’s consolation, she carefully escalated the situation by willing the tears to well up in her eyes.

Being brusque in nature, Angelique could only gaze at Mabel helplessly as she did not know how to console the crying woman.

“Don’t be upset,” Angelique said gently, making up her mind as she watched Wilbur devouring the bowl of broth heartily. “You’re his godmother from now on. Feel free to visit your godson whenever you like.”

Mabel had difficulty concealing her triumphant smile.

Reverse psychology strikes again! What a foolish woman she is to fall for this! I know her weakness now.

“Do you really mean it?” Mabel asked in feigned disbelief.

“I do. It is my honor that somebody else loves Wil as much as I do.”

“How thoughtful of you, Mrs. Simpson. I will love Wilbur as my own.”

Overwhelmed with joy, Mabel walked over and tried to hug Wilbur, but he squirmed to avoid her touch.

“He’s probably just shy. If you come over often enough to cook for him, he’ll warm up to you.”

“I will, Mrs. Simpson,” Mabel replied cheerily. “If you’ll have me.”

Exhausted but overjoyed, Mabel was humming when she stepped out of the Simpson residence that day. Being able to show up whenever I want is another step closer to my goal. I can see Rodney all the time and even find out if they have been quarreling! I’ll be able to monitor the situation and act quickly when needed.

After that day, Mabel often returned bearing gifts for the boy. After being christened as Wilbur’s godmother, she felt compelled to drop the formalities and address Angelique by her first name.

Though uncomfortable at first, Angelique quickly became used to it.

It did not take long after that for Mabel to begin hearing of the marital problems between Rodney and his wife.

As Angelique was reclusive, she did not have many friends. Since her son’s godmother was always around, Angelique found Mabel easy to talk to. Slowly but surely, Angelique began to lower her guard and confide in her. Their relationship grew closer as a result.

Upon witnessing Mabel’s maternal love toward Wilbur, Angelique eventually grew to reciprocate the sisterly camaraderie and trusted her more.

It was at this point that Mabel finally felt that the time was ripe. Using her newfound expertise in nutrition, she began to combine ingredients in Angelique’s meals to trigger a series of maladies, which included palpitations, anxiety, and low levels of libido after prolonged consumption.

Each time Angelique raised the issue of her discomfort, Mabel would dispel her worries by claiming that she was overthinking because of her son and advise her to consume more of the nutritious meals Mabel had prepared.

And so, the vicious cycle would exacerbate. It had gotten to the point of her rejecting Rodney’s advances in the bedroom with ill-disguised irritation.

Her reaction caused Rodney to wonder if he had done something to upset her or if he had been too busy at work. It had even aroused his suspicions of her having an affair.

The suspicion and the distance between him and his wife urged Rodney to seek answers. Naturally, he thought of the woman who had been spending the most amount of time with his wife and made up his mind to ask her about it.

“Did you meet anybody yesterday when you were out shopping with my wife?”

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