Mistaking the CEO for a Gigolo Chapter 2072

Chapter 2072 The Reward

To her delight, her efforts paid off. After learning all she could from the experts, she managed to produce a feast that satisfied Angelique.

Her convincing discourse on nutrition was the icing on the cake. Angelique smiled in contentment as she watched her son, who was bent over his bowl.

“You are such a talented chef! My son seems to be enjoying his meal very much. Come over again whenever you can to cook for him, will you? Of course, we must discuss remuneration. Name your price.”

“Oh, that’s not necessary.” Mabel smiled sycophantically. “The child’s satisfaction is all the reward I need.” Don’t thank me yet. My work is not yet done. My price? Your husband, and for me to take your place!

“How could I let you work for nothing in return? Here, take my card. You can use it when you figure out what you want.”

Angelique shot a glance at a maid, who promptly handed Mabel a credit card on a platter. “Here you go, Ms. Quinn.”

Mabel thought of her earlier meeting with the nutritionist that had cost her half of her life savings and was sorely tempted by the solution to her financial troubles presented before her.

However, she bit her lip and rejected the gesture with newfound determination for the sake of her plan.

“Mrs. Simpson, you are too kind. If I accept the money, I will feel most uncomfortable to visit in the future.”

Angelique studied her closely. She must be living under financial constraints from the way she is dressed.

“If you don’t accept it, I will feel terrible for enlisting your help.”

Mabel thought for a moment before she replied, “Don’t be. If it’s all right with you, there is one thing I would like. Can I be your son’s godmother? That way, I could care for him in other ways besides preparing his meals, and you wouldn’t have to feel guilty about it!”

Angelique was taken aback. Godmother?

Little Wilbur, who was until that point enjoying his meal, suddenly jerked his head up to glare at Mabel.

Next, his bowl was pushed to the floor with a loud crash.

Though the boy was young, he harbored an instinctive dislike for Mabel.

“How could you be so careless, Wil?” Angelique chided as she leaned over to clean him up.

Wilbur edged closer to his mother. Though he could not speak, he snuggled against her body and gazed at Mabel through narrowed eyes.

“Don’t be upset with him! It’s normal for a child to upend bowls. He must still be hungry since he spilled a good amount. At his age, it’s important for him to be well fed. I’ll bring him another bowl.”

Angelique nodded, her eyes fixed on the remains of the meal on the floor. “Sorry for the trouble, Mabel.”

“No trouble at all, Mrs. Simpson.”

Mabel promptly demonstrated her culinary skills again and combined them with her newly acquired expertise in nutrition.

The maid looked at Angelique after Mabel was out of earshot and voiced that she thought the appointment was too rushed and that it would be better to wait for Rodney’s return to discuss the matter.

Angelique privately agreed with the maid. She’s not a wife or a mother. Why would she want to be the godmother of somebody else’s child?

“I know what to do.”

Soon after, Mabel arrived with a bowl of piping hot broth as she expounded its nutritional benefits for the developing mind before coaxing Wilbur to finish his meal while it was still hot.

“Have a taste, Mr. Wilbur. It’s delicious!”

Wilbur regarded her apprehensively but soon gave in to the temptations of tasty food.

“Go on, Wilbur,” persuaded Angelique gently with every spoonful of broth she brought to his lips, which he devoured with relish without sparing Mabel a single glance.

“I’m glad Mr. Wilbur enjoys it. I’ll be back tomorrow, Mrs. Simpson.”

“All right. Have somebody walk you to the door.”

“No need, Mrs. Simpson. I can show myself out.”

Before she left, Mabel once again brought up her earlier proposition. “Please forgive me for what I said about being Wilbur’s godmother earlier, Mrs. Simpson. My fondness for children leads me to say ridiculous things sometimes. Forget I made that unreasonable request, would you?”

“Don’t worry about it. I’ll keep it under advisement.”

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