Mistaking the CEO for a Gigolo Chapter 2071

Chapter 2071 First Day On The Job

I must have him and everything he owns! With her resolution firmly set, Mabel began to outline her plan of achieving just that.

Sooner than she would have liked, the car arrived at Star Residences. “Mr. Simpson,” Mabel asked suddenly before getting off. “Do you need a cook? I happen to be a pretty good one. Mr. Lopez and his wife enjoy my food, so you and your family might too! I heard you mention earlier that you have a child. I also happen to be experienced with making nutritious meals specifically tailored for children. I can also help take care of your child if need be.”

Rodney studied her up and down. “There’s no need for that. I have a professional chef in my employ.” However, Mabel was not going to give up easily. She gazed up beseechingly at Rodney.

“Give me a chance, Mr. Simpson. Let me try just once. You never know, but you might find my food to your liking! If you and your wife aren’t satisfied, I’ll leave and never ask again.”

At Rodney’s prolonged hesitance, Mabel began to reiterate her connection with Axel and Rosie by imploring him to think of auditioning her as a favor to Axel, given her closeness to his wife.

It’s true. I do have a partnership with Axel. It isn’t a big deal if she wants to come over to cook. I owe Axel that much, at least. Besides, Angelique seems to be lacking appetite recently. She has also grown visibly thinner and sadder. A different cook might just be the change needed.

“Fine. Come and make lunch tomorrow, then.”

“Thank you, Mr. Simpson. I’ll see you tomorrow.” Mabel descended the vehicle and waved goodbye.

She smiled triumphantly as she watched his car disappear over the horizon.

Access to the Simpson residence makes the next part of the plan easier. Another step closer to being the new Mrs. Simpson!

The following day, Mabel woke up early to do her makeup. Just as she was about to head out of the door, she suddenly felt that her make-up seemed too provocative as she was expected to interact with Mrs. Simpson. It may rouse her suspicion if I show up at her house looking like this.

Over another painstaking thirty minutes, she redid her makeup to something much less conspicuous. After donning some simple clothing bought by her ex-boyfriend, she headed for the Simpson residence.

Angelique was taken aback when she heard that Mabel was the cook Rodney selected.

She studied Mabel’s hands with such scrutiny that it made the latter uncomfortable. “Your hands look too soft to be a cook’s.”

Mabel did not expect such observational prowess from Angelique. What a sharp eye she has! I need to be extra careful with that woman.

Mabel laughed amicably. “You’re right, Mrs. Simpson. I don’t cook often. I only cook for the Lopezes as Mrs. Lopez is a good friend of mine. It was in their house where Mr. Simpson tried my cooking and asked me if I would come and give it a try. He intended my presence as a change to stimulate your appetite. If my cooking suits you, I would love to come back again! If it doesn’t, then I wouldn’t bother you anymore.”

Comprehension dawned upon Angelique’s face.

So she’s a friend of Rosie’s. The occasional cooking explains the lack of callouses. However, she’s a little too shabbily dressed to be a friend of a rich woman.

“I see. How could I trouble a friend of Mrs. Lopez to such a degree? Instead of getting your hands dirty, why don’t you supervise our chef?”

“I’d be happy to,” Mabel replied. “If you have any specific preferences, Mrs. Simpson, don’t be afraid to let me know. I’ll do my best to accommodate.”

“I’m not fussy. How about preparing something for my son?”

“Of course, Mrs. Simpson.”

Mabel had spared no financial and social expense to put herself in touch with pediatricians and nutritionists to prepare for that very moment.

From her shrewd observations, she could tell that Angelique was devoted to her child. As long as the child is kept happy to Angelique’s satisfaction, I would be free to come more often.

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