Mistaking the CEO for a Gigolo Chapter 2069

Chapter 2069 The Climb

Her opportunity came one day in the form of Axel Lopez during a visit to the hospital to see a sick friend.

She knew from first sight that Axel was somebody influential and wasted no time in currying his favor to broaden her connections with the elites.

Through another chance encounter, Mabel discovered that Axel’s wife, Rosie, was fond of shopping. With another opening available to her, Mabel began to manufacture opportunities to approach them. Once, she had even gone as far as to recover Rosie’s lost ring. Rejecting Rosie’s attempts to remunerate her, Mabel instead took the initiative to carry the former’s shopping bags.

After several more similar incidents, Rosie became impressed by Mabel’s honesty and wit. Upon learning that the latter was skilled in making chili con carne, a favorite of hers, Rosie insisted that Mabel come to her home to instruct her chef, whose chili con carne she deemed unauthentic.

Coincidentally, Mabel’s very first trip to the Lopez residence brought her face to face with Rodney.

Contrary to her excitement in meeting him, Rodney did not seem to have even noticed her. In fact, Mabel locked him in as her target from first sight. In a series of subtle maneuvers, she gained an overview of her prey from Rosie.

“Is he a businessman like Mr. Lopez?”

Rosie glanced at her and nodded patiently.

“He is, but not quite on the same level as my husband. Being one of the richest men in Y City, his business empire is many times the size of ours.”

Rosie, feeling flattered by the interest of such an eager listener, began sharing with Mabel the things she knew about the Simpson family. Eventually, she arrived at the topic of Rodney’s wife.

Instantly, Mabel perked up.

“Is he close with his wife, I wonder?” she asked her hostess with large, innocent eyes while she concealed her secret delight. The chances of a rocky marriage ending in divorce are great as it is. If I play my cards right, the chances of me taking her place would be even greater.

Rosie sighed. “They are just going through a rough patch, I’m sure. They were sweethearts from university, you know. In fact, his wife was the one who pursued him. She loves him more than he loves her.”

“Are you saying that Mr. Simpson’s wife loves him, but he does not feel the same way?”

“That’s not what I meant,” Rosie said quickly. “They have a child together, and I’m sure they still love each other. In fact, they’re just like an ordinary married couple instead of one of those til-death-do-us-part couples. Besides, women are prone to take relationships seriously. Men, on the other hand, value their careers and are not as emotionally charged as women. Perhaps Mr. Simpson loves his wife really deeply but just has trouble showing it due to his reserved nature.”

However, Rosie thought otherwise. The only reason a man as desirable as him is still married to a woman like that is that she shamelessly hangs on to him. Why else would he stoop to remain by her side if he doesn’t love her? He must resent her for it. Mr. Simpson deserves to be with somebody he loves. I might be the person worthy of his affection! We should be together if that’s the case.

Mabel’s cheeks flushed with desire at the thought.

“Sounds like the chili’s ready to be served!” Rosie exclaimed, sniffing the air hopefully.

Mabel regained her composure with a start. “I’ll go check.”

As she entered the kitchen, all she could think about was the prospects ahead of her. If I can marry a man like Mr. Simpson, I would be able to lead a life like Rosie’s. No, Mr. Simpson is more capable than Axel. My life would be even better than hers if I were to become Mrs. Simpson!

As soon as that notion took root in her mind, she began to lay her plans carefully with acquiring Rodney as her end goal, spurred by the urgency of her desire.

First, I need to break up with my boyfriend.

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