Mistaking the CEO for a Gigolo Chapter 2067

Chapter 2067 Outwitted By A Simpleton

“Your mother had a sudden cerebral hemorrhage. She—” Wilbur interrupted her lie. “Unfortunately, I was unable to discover anything by being a simpleton. However, the bug I’d placed on you picked up a conversation between you and Nicholas about acting against Maya and me. I did not expect you to be so vicious.” “A bug?” Mabel repeated, stunned.

“That’s right. I found an opportunity to place one on you and one in Nicholas’ bedroom. Everything, including the discussion about acting against Maya and me, has been recorded. What do you think Dad will do to you and Nicholas when he finds out?

Though you were right in the sense that Dad would rather pour everything he has into the last surviving heir of the Simpson family than give the circumstances around my death much thought. How do you think Dad will handle this matter now that I’m not dead, nor am I a simpleton?”

Mabel turned as white as a sheet. If Rodney hears the recording of Nicholas and me conspiring to harm Wilbur and Maya, he would undoubtedly side with them!

As Maya belonged to the Seet family, Rodney would not dare offend Evan by letting this slight go unpunished. Besides, Wilbur was a worthier son than Nicholas to run the family business. After weighing the pros and cons, which he was fond of doing, Rodney would mercilessly punish her and Nicholas for appeasing the Seet family and the future development of Simpson Group.

If this blows out of proportion, Nicholas and I will never recover from this.

Though she was willing to pay the price of death for her transgressions, she felt that her son deserved better.

Nicholas still has many years ahead of him. I would take the blame for everything as long as his future is untarnished.

At that thought, Mabel gazed up at Wilbur tenderly. “I’ve been good to you, haven’t I, Wil? Leave Nic out of this. He’s your brother, after all. In both your veins flow your father’s blood.”

“Is that so? I wonder if Nicholas thought of that when he was plotting against me. Also, how dare you try to pass off your manipulation of me as you being good to me?”

Mabel winced from his words.

“Even if I have been insincere in my motives, I’d taken good care of you. Remember the time when you had that awfully high fever? I sat with you through the night. When you threw a tantrum and refused to eat, I was the one who coaxed you to finish your meal, was I not? Let Nicholas go for the sake of everything I’ve ever done for you. Don’t tell your father, and don’t let the Seet family make things difficult for him. I’m begging you.”

“How does that make up for causing my mother’s death, trying to replace her in my life, and gaining the recognition of my father?”

Mabel opened and shut her mouth wordlessly.

“Let’s hear it, then. How exactly did you cause my mother’s death? Rumor has it that she drowned herself in a lake. Some said that she was poisoned. Others even thought that she was stabbed by a dagger. Since I was too young to see her remains and you of all people would know the circumstances around her death, I believe you owe me a long-overdue explanation.”

Mabel remained silent for a moment before she spoke, “I’m not lying to you, Wil. She really died from a sudden cerebral hemorrhage, I—”

“If you’re still adamant about lying, I promise you that Nicholas will not survive the night. After leaving this room, I’ll meet Dad with Maya and show him the recording of your conspiracy against us. Maya will demand retribution on behalf of her family. You know Dad’s propensity for reasoning better than me. I’m sure you already know what he will do. Either you tell me the truth, or I’m going to Dad. Choose!”

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