Mistaking the CEO for a Gigolo Chapter 2066

Chapter 2066 Uncovering The Truth

“Mr. Wilbur had us keep an eye out because he knew that Mrs. Simpson and Mr. Nicholas meant you harm. Halfway through the journey, we took the opportunity to strike and subdued Mr. Nicholas’ men in the process. They are now locked up with Mrs. Simpson to await Mr. Wilbur’s judgment.”

Maya was taken aback. “Were you the ones who have captured Mabel too?” “Not us. It was—”

“It was Jeremy and Jensen!” Darius interrupted excitedly. “They’re standing guard over her as we speak.”

“Good job, Jeremy!” Maya exclaimed as she too intended on giving Mabel a piece of her mind. “Let’s ask her about your mother’s death.”

“I already did on the way here. Didn’t you hear what she said? She’s not going to tell us anything if we confront her like that. I must think of something else.”

“What do you have planned?”

Wilbur did not delve into the particulars. He merely assured Maya that he would be forcing Mabel to admit everything one way or another.

While the couple was on their way to see Mabel, Nicholas was beginning to grow anxious as he was directed to his mother’s voicemail yet again.

“What’s going on? Why’s her phone shut off?”

Aware that she was plotting something against Maya and Wilbur, he could not help but wonder if something had gone horribly wrong in the process. Even the man he had sent to aid Mabel was not contactable.

His sense of foreboding increasing every minute, Nicholas called home only to be informed by the butler that Mabel had not been home since taking Wilbur and Maya out earlier.

I hope she returns before nightfall. If she doesn’t, I may have to search for her myself.

When the party arrived at the door where Mabel and the man sent to aide her were locked up behind, Wilbur gestured for the rest to wait outside. “Let me speak to her alone first.”

“All right.” Maya nodded. After Wilbur is done with her, my turn will come next!

Wilbur led several of his men through the door and gestured to one of them to shut it again immediately. He allowed his eyes to adjust to the dimness of the room as he watched the figure on the floor.

Mabel was bound around her wrists and ankles with a rag stuffed into her mouth. She began moaning at the arrival of the newcomers. When they drew close enough, her eyes widened with terror upon recognizing Wilbur.

He gazed down at her unseeingly as memories of the past flashed before his mind’s eye.

He vaguely remembered that Mabel first appeared in his life after he lost his mother.

Despite having a bad feeling about her from the start and refusing to speak to her or allow her to touch him, a series of events that had transpired awoken him to the possibility of her love.

With time and her patience, the defensive walls around Wilbur’s young heart began to open up.

To his young mind, Mabel was an angel who was sent by his mother to watch over him in her place. Since then, he had thought of Mabel as his own mother.

Unfortunately, the motherly love and protection she had for him proved to be a mirage.

It was all done for him to gain an acceptance of her as a stepmother and to heed and respect her. As a result of her manipulation, he became easier to control.

How vicious is this woman for manipulating a child!

The irony was that he had treated the woman who had caused his mother’s death with respect and filial piety.

After studying her for a moment, Wilbur leaned over to yank the rag out of her mouth.

Mabel spent an entire minute gulping lungfuls of air. “What are you doing, Wilbur?” she gasped. “I am your mother!”

“How dare you call yourself that? You are not my mother!”

Her face grew pale. “Weren’t you an idiot, Wilbur? Have you suddenly recovered?”

“I never lost my wits. What’s the matter? Unsure about what to say?”

“Why did you have to pretend then?” Mabel asked fearfully.

“Why? Because I want to know how my mother died. What did you do to her?”

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