Mistaking the CEO for a Gigolo Chapter 2065

Chapter 2065 Joined Forces

After Damien helped Maya remove the rope around her wrist, she lifted a rock off the ground and remarked, “Here. I’ll show you proof.”

She went up before them and smashed the rock on every one of those men, leaving them howling in agony. “Gosh, you’re pretty vicious. I’m sure you’ve cracked my toe.”

“My elbow… There must be a fracture. It hurts so badly. Ouch…”

“My calf too. I can’t walk now. Arghhh…”

Maya threw the rock aside, dusted her hands, and exclaimed, “So, do you believe me now? If you still don’t, head over to the Seet residence to look for me. I’m convinced that you’ll believe when my daddy breaks your other arm or leg.”

The men stared blankly at each other and began lamenting how tough life was that they would even get fooled by Mabel.

Nonetheless, they could only grit their teeth and grumble about Mabel since they dared not hold a grudge against Maya.

“That b*tch! Just wait and see; I’ll settle scores with her!”

“That’s right. How dare she lied to us! We have to teach her a good lesson!”

Lifting the corners of her lips into a smile, Maya turned to Damien and asked, “Where’s Wilbur? Any idea where is he?”

“Those men split up and took Wilbur and you to different locations. I’m following you while Darius followed Wilbur. I guess he’ll have the answer to that.”

“Oh, quickly do it then.”

Damien made a call and got an answer to Wilbur’s location shortly after.

“Maya and I will head over to help you guys now.”

With that, Maya and Damien rushed over as quickly as they could to meet Wilbur and Darius.

“What the heck? They took Wilbur to the beach?”

“Yeah, maybe they wanted to drown him since they failed to do it the previous time.”

“You guys found us so soon?” Darius sprinted over upon catching sight of the two.

Casting her gaze a short distance away, Maya saw Wilbur seemingly in a negotiation with the other party. The scene was unexpectedly calm and peaceful.

“What’s going on?”

“Mr. Simpson is in a discussion. I heard a portion of their conversation earlier. It seems like they’re thinking about dealing with Mabel and Nicholas.”

“What? Aren’t those men trying to harm him? Why will they end up joining forces?”

Damien could not find an exact response to answer Maya’s question. “Ms. Maya, I guess you should ask Mr. Simpson yourself.”

When Wilbur saw her striding toward him, he stood up and stared at her in concern. “Are you all right?”

Maya nodded. “I’m fine. Luckily Damien arrived in time. Otherwise, I can’t imagine what will happen.”

“I heard from Darius that Damien was protecting you in the dark, so I didn’t rush over to save you. It’s good that nothing has happened to you.”

“Wilbur, so you’re all right!”

Wilbur laughed. “I didn’t want to let you know about it yet so that I can do some stuff. But I can’t believe they’re so impatient to make their move that soon.”

“What else did you intend to do? What could you do while you feigned ignorance?”

“I can…” Wilbur stammered and answered reluctantly.

Darius could not hold himself back and chimed in, “Mr. Simpson must’ve wanted to take advantage of you.”

“That’s nonsense! He wasn’t nice to me while he put on his pretense. He even looks like he dislikes my presence.”

“The others would be suspicious had I been nice to you and stuck by your side all the time. But I won’t have to worry about that anymore. There won’t be a limit to how nice I am to you, and I can do whatever I want from now.”

At once, Maya’s face turned as red as a tomato. She was awfully embarrassed that she had no idea how to answer him.

“Mr. Simpson, do you need us to give you two some space temporarily?”

“Yeah, the scenery is amazing here too. Mr. Simpson, do you want to enjoy the breathtaking view with Ms. Maya?”

Wilbur shot a glance at the two who made those suggestions. “We will have all the time in the world in the future. But for now, we still have important matters to deal with.”

“Right, let’s get back to business. Wilbur, aren’t they intending to harm you? How did you manage to get them on your side?”

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