Mistaking the CEO for a Gigolo Chapter 2064

Chapter 2064 Let Me Prove It To You

“Are you at a loss for words now? We have to teach you a good lesson so that a cheater like you learns how to become a good person.”

“That’s right. We’ll let you know what it means that you’re at our mercy and have no say over things!”

Watching those burly men storming closer and closer toward her, Maya lowered her head to the shattered bricks below her feet. Not caring about anything else, she crouched down to pick those pieces and smashed them toward those men.

“Whoa! This d*mned brat is quite a fighter, huh?”

“She’s only but a savage stray cat. I like that! Let her smash as she likes! I want to see how else she can retaliate after she uses up all those bricks!”

Soon, Maya was panting heavily with her body hunched over after she finished throwing all the bricks.

Those burly men grinned lecherously. “You’ve got no more options left, huh?”

“Are you trying to run again?”

“We’ll break your legs if you try to escape again!”

As soon as they finished speaking, like a pack of hungry wolves about to devour that piece of irresistible meat, they stepped closer to Maya. She turned to the slope beside her and sped in that direction in an attempt to escape. However, it only took her a few steps before she tripped and slammed onto the ground forcefully.

“Ouch. That hurts. I’ve got such terrible luck.”


Seeing her utterly miserable appearance, those men broke into laughter. They were rubbing their palms together in anticipation as they inched closer to her, eager to have an exciting time with her.

Anxiety had completely consumed Maya. She glued her eyes on the rock that had caused her to trip over, and an idea came up to her mind.

I’ll use this rock and my teeth as my weapons later. Hopefully, I’ll be able to split their heads open and rip off a piece of their flesh.

“D-Don’t come near me. Stay far away from me.”

“Don’t be scared, little darling. We will treat you well.”

The bunch of lecherous men leaned down and was about to lay their hands on her when a glint flashed across Maya’s eyes.

“Damien, you’re here!” she shouted.

Hearing her shouts, those men looked at each other before sweeping their gaze back at Maya in unison. “Are you trying to fool us again? I’m afraid this tactic will only work once.”

“You little liar, just you—” Before that man could finish his words, someone kicked him forcefully from the back, causing him to fall face-first onto the ground.

The others turned around, only to realize that an aggressive man was standing behind them. Bewilderment overwhelmed them.

“Who are you?”

“What are you doing?”

“Didn’t she already tell you who I am?”

Giving it some thought, they answered in unison, “Damien!”

“She called you Damien earlier?” one of the man asked.

“Yeah, d*mn right that’s me!”

As soon as his words fell, Damien efficiently utilized his specialty move—Shadowless Kick—to send all of those burly men spinning in the air before collapsing to the ground.

“Oh gosh, my waist…”

“My butt…”

“This dude must be a fighter. Shall we take him on together?”

Those men, wailing in pain on the ground, staggered to their feet and attempted to launch an attack on Damien. Unfortunately, before they had taken action, they were struck by Damien’s kick again, leaving all of them flying to the ground and groaning in anger.

“W-Which gang do you belong to exactly? Stop poking your nose in someone else’s matter!”

“Exactly, she’s the imposter of Mr. Seet’s daughter, so Mr. Seet wants her dead. I-If you dare help her, you’ll be against Mr. Seet. Beware that he’ll kill you too!”

Damien scrunched his brows and glanced at Maya, who was trying to get herself up from the ground. “What bullsh*t are you guys saying? She is Mr. Seet’s daughter; how is she an imposter?”

“Exactly! Get your facts right, b*stards! Why will my daddy instruct you to kill me? Mabel has lied to you all! She was afraid that you won’t dare do anything when you know my identity, and that’s why she deliberately lied to you and told you that I’m Maya’s imposter!”


“Lied to us?”

“Then what proof do you have to show that you’re indeed Mr. Seet’s daughter?”

“Yeah, what proof do you have?”

Maya was rendered speechless as she stared at those stubborn men. Proof? Is there a need for me to prove who I am?

“You’re asking for proof? Fine, let me prove it to you.”

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