Mistaking the CEO for a Gigolo Chapter 2063

Chapter 2063 Imposter

Seeing Maya roll further away from them, those men exchanged glances with each other. “It’s a steep slope. I don’t think it’s easy to get down there.”

“Useless fools! Didn’t you see how she went down there? Fancy you dilly-dallying at such a critical time. You guys are worst than a young girl! You guys will roll down there! Roll down now!”

The rugged-looking man in lead shot a kick each at his men, and in no time, all of them were rolling down the slope like how Maya did.

Meanwhile, Maya had arrived at the base of the mountain. As she struggled to stand up and looked at her hands that were still tied together, she could not help but think, how am I supposed to untie myself?

Before she had a solution, she noticed those men were also rolling off the mountain. A sense of crisis exploded within her, and she hastily looked around for a way out.

Which direction should I go? Whatever. Let me run away from here first!

Along her way, she looked around her to look for a perfect spot to hide.

There seems to be a deserted tunnel over that side. Will those perverts find me if I hide there?

Behind her, those men had begun their search for Maya. Knowing how she would not be able to go faster than them, she decided to head over to the tunnel to see if there would be a secret passageway to hide in to survive her predicament.

“Dear Lord, my daddy and mommy are good-hearted beings. My mommy has saved many lives and helped treat the poor. You’ve got to watch over me! I’m begging you sincerely!” she muttered her prayers while running toward the tunnel.

However, when she saw how open the hole was, she felt her heart sink.

Even a bunny could not hide there, let alone a human like her.

What do I do? What exactly do I do?

“You d*mned brat! You really can roll and run, huh? But I’ve finally found you!” A panting man’s voice sounded from behind her.

Turning around, Maya saw those men a short distance away from her.

There’s no way I can escape now. It seems like I can only try to outwit them.

“W-Why did you guys catch me? I’ve never offended you in any way. I don’t even know who you guys are.”

“We got paid to carry out someone’s request!”

“Because of money? That’s easy. How much money is that person paying you? I-I’ll pay you ten times more. How is it?” Maya asked.

“Ten times? You’re rather boastful, huh?”

“Exactly. How much money does a girl like you have? Don’t try to fool us!”

“I have money. I really do. Don’t you guys know who I am? I’m Evan Seet’s daughter. My daddy is astonishingly wealthy. As long as you guys send me home, I promise my daddy will pay you ten times more the sum you’re getting.”

Upon hearing her words, those burly men turned to each other. Skepticism filled their eyes, and their expression toward Maya was as though they were looking at a lunatic.

“It seems like this brat only has herself to blame!”

“Yeah, no wonder the higher-ups wanted your life!”

“W-What do you mean?” Maya was baffled by those words.

One of them let out a snicker. “That’s enough. Stop pretending, you imposter. The higher-ups have said they wanted your life because you’ve been reaping benefits by using Mr. Evan Seet’s daughter’s name. That has inevitably tarnished her reputation. By getting rid of you, we’ll also be helping Seet Group solve a problem. The higher-ups might heavily favor us and promote us!”

Did this man call me an imposter who reaps benefits using Evan Seet’s daughter’s name? What the f*ck! That’s too absurd! I’m the real Maya Seet, the daughter of Evan Seet. How am I an imposter?

“I didn’t impersonate her. I’m the real deal. My name is Maya Seet. If you don’t believe me, shall we head to Seet Group to find out?”

“The higher-ups have said that you’re excellent at acting, so there’s no need for us to pay heed to what you say. By getting rid of you, we’ll earn ourselves loads of cash and the opportunity of getting promoted.”

It was then Maya figured it was Mabel’s doings.

She must’ve feared that these men wouldn’t dare lay their fingers on me upon learning my identity. That’s why she twists the truth and brainwashes them beforehand. Mabel, that old witch! She takes to such great lengths to take my life! Just you wait, you old witch! You better pray that I’m dead. Otherwise, I’ll find ten burly men to take special care of you so that you’ll understand the meaning of karma!

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