Mistaking the CEO for a Gigolo Chapter 2062

Chapter 2062 An Escape

After getting into the wooden crate, Maya and Wilbur stuck close to each other. The interior grew extremely dark after the crate was shut tightly.

“It’s so dark. I can’t see anything at all,” Maya said with a sigh. Then, she felt a slight tug and found herself in a warm embrace.

“Are you afraid?” A warm breath brushed against her ears, tickling her senses. At once, Maya blushed uncontrollably. “No.”

In the next second, they felt the wooden floors that they were stepping on descending rapidly, as though they were taking an elevator. While they were still figuring things out, they arrived at a sealed room. “Where is this?”

As the two tried to look around, coming within their sight was several burly men walking in, each holding a rope. Don’t tell me they’re tying us up? “W-What do—”

Before Maya could complete her sentence, those men ferociously knocked them out.

When Maya regained consciousness again and tried to open her eyes, she realized that her arms were tied up. She had wanted to scream out loud, but she was gagged and could only make muffled noises.

Where am I? Why is it pitch-black here? Although she had no idea where she was, she deduced she was on the roads from the turbulence she experienced. Moreover, it was treacherous path.

Where are they taking me to? And where’s Wilbur? Where did Wilbur go?

Just then, she recalled that she had instructed Hidden Masters to protect them in the dark. I wonder if they know that I’ve run into trouble? Where are they now? Do they know they have to save us?

Countless questions surfaced in her mind, but it did not take long before there were answers to her questions.

As the car came to a halt, she was carried out from the car boot while in a sack.

The moment she was released from the sack and saw the light of the day, she curiously and anxiously looked around her and those people before her eyes.

Those people are the ones who knocked me out earlier! This place looks like the suburbs! There’s a dilapidated villa nearby. Why did they bring me here? What do they want to do?

Maya’s heart instantly froze over.

As those men sized her up with malicious intents, one of them stepped forward and removed the cloth stuck in her mouth.

Maya took a few deep breaths before she confronted, “What are you guys trying to do? Where’s Wilbur? Where did you all take him to?”

“That idiot? He was supposed to die with you. But on second thought, we figured that it’d be a waste for you to die with him. So, we thought we shall put you to good use before you die.”

“W-What do you want?”

Deep inside, she knew it was unnecessary to ask that question. Judging from their lustful expressions and the hungry looks in their eyes, as though they could not wait any longer to devour her, it did not take too much effort to figure out what was going through in their minds.

One of the men rubbed his fingers and approached closer to her lecherously. “Don’t be scared. I promise we’ll be gentle to you. Help us relieve our needs now, and we’ll let you die without too much pain later. All right?”

“Stay away from me! Don’t you dare come near me!”

As much as Maya was panicking and backing away, she had her eyes studying the surrounding layout. There’s a route up the mountain. Perhaps I should head in that direction? Either way, I can’t let these perverts take advantage of me!

Suddenly, Maya looked behind those men and yelled, “Wilbur, you’re here!”

Hearing Maya’s words, those men turned around to look. At the same time, Maya ran as fast as she could up the route toward the mountain.

When they realized there was not a single soul behind them and turned back, they saw Maya escaping frantically. It was at that point they knew they had been tricked.

“B*tch! How dare you lie to us? Chase after her!”

“Yeah, let’s go! We have to get her and show her what we’re made of!”

At the sight of how those men were chasing after her, Maya was terrified. What now? What do I do? I’ll be dead if they catch up to me.

Not too long after, a steep slope came into her line of vision. Instantly, a thought pervaded her mind. Figuring how nothing else except her life and innocence were the most important things to her, she ran toward that slope, lay on the ground, and rolled down.

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