Mistaking the CEO for a Gigolo Chapter 2061

Chapter 2061 Fallen Prey

“Follow me closely if you don’t want to leave.” Wilbur interlocked fingers with Maya so tightly, almost as though they were glued together.

At that, Maya felt a warm sensation surge within her abruptly. “Wilbur, are you not an idiot?” she asked softly.

Wilbur shot her a glance but did not answer. “This way, please.” The animal tamer led the way up the stage.

With their hands tightly held, the two made their way up the stage and saw a staff approaching with a giant box. “Next, we will be moving on to the magic show. Please get into this wooden crate first. Then, I’ll let you guys experience the magic of traveling to another space.”

Thunderous applause erupted from the crowd, and roaring cheers followed after. “Start now!”

“Hurry! We can’t wait anymore!” Meanwhile, Darius and Damien were watching the scene intently.

“Will there be any danger?” “I have no idea. Let’s just wait and see.”

Everyone below the stage had their eyes fixated on Wilbur and Maya, as well as the giant wooden crate before the duo.

Wilbur carefully studied the wooden crate. Travel in space? I’m sure there’s some sort of mechanism in there. Perhaps the bottom of this crate is connected to the backstage. I wonder where will this bunch of people take us to after we step in there…

“Get in, please.” Holding onto Maya’s hand, Wilbur took her and stepped foot into the wooden crate. Watching them from afar, Mabel had a smug grin crawling across her face.

Wilbur, Maya, goodbye! At a hidden spot, Jeremy and Jensen furrowed their brows slightly. “Look at that woman’s expression. I’m sure something is wrong.”

“Yes, notify Darius and Damien. This must be a scheme.” Jeremy nodded and sent the piece of information to Damien.

On stage, the magician locked the wooden crate up, then proceeded to mumble what seemed like chants and make some hand movements as he cast his spells. About ten seconds later, when he opened the crate again, the two were already nowhere to be seen.

Damien looked to Darius and uttered, “Let’s go and keep an eye on the back door. I’m sure they will bring them away from that exit.”

“All right.”

Below the stage, the fake audience began yelling in excitement, while some others asked, “When will you bring them back here?”

“They will appear again in another special way later. Now, let’s watch the more exciting segment—trapeze performance!”

The fake audiences were cheering in joy as the performance continued.

A distance away, Mabel quietly turned and headed out of the venue. Concurrently, someone approached her and informed her that they had the task completed.

“All right. Send the two to hell without anyone noticing! I’ll give you the rest of the money immediately after completing that.”


When that man walked off, Jensen hurried over and followed behind him while Jeremy continued tailing the smug Mabel.

Just as she was about to get out of the zoo, Jeremy paced up and intercepted Mabel.

“Mrs. Simpson, our boss wants to see you.”

“Who’s that?”

“Mr. Lopez.”

“Axel Lopez?”

Jeremy nodded. In truth, he had found that Axel had used to work with Mabel. It was also because of the former that she was acquainted with Rodney. Hence, Jeremy reckoned that Mabel would still do Axel some favor even if she had no respect for the others.

Since not many people knew about their past, Mabel did not give it too much thought when Jeremy mentioned that name and got the latter to lead the way after a slight hesitation.

What she had no idea of was how he was leading her toward the path of no return.

“Where’s this place? Where is he waiting at?”

“Just down this road. Mr. Lopez says that he has something important to tell you but doesn’t want anyone to see you two together.”

“What important matter is it? Why didn’t he call me instead?” Mabel was perplexed.

After taking a few more steps, the two arrived near a forest. Abruptly, Jeremy turned around and scanned his surroundings before sizing Mabel up.

“Mr. Lopez has mentioned that you’ve done too many bad deeds. He wants me to find a quiet place to teach you a lesson!”


Only then did Mabel realize that she had fallen prey. Widening her eyes in shock, she stumbled a few steps backward, and as she tried to escape, Jeremy hit her hard on her neck, leaving her unconscious.

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