Mistaking the CEO for a Gigolo Chapter 2060

Chapter 2060 Deal With It Together

Jeremy and Jensen of the Hidden Masters were keeping tabs on Mabel from not too far behind. Upon hearing her words, Jeremy could not help but lean closer to Jensen. “What is that b*tch trying to do? Probably trying to cause trouble, huh?”

“Since Darius and Damien had gone to protect Ms. Maya and Wilbur, let’s take this chance to give that woman a difficult time.”

“Sounds like a plan to me. It’s the perfect opportunity to teach her the meaning of karma.” Putting away her phone, Mabel went to chase after Maya and Wilbur.

As soon as Maya and Wilbur headed into the acrobatic performance venue, the latter began observing the environment. Among the chaotic crowd, he spotted a familiar silhouette somewhere nearby.

It was Nicholas’ trusted aide. He was talking to the animal tamer.

Even though that man had never appeared in the company before, Wilbur had found that Nicholas had entrusted the former to negotiate shady businesses in place for him.

The fact that he’s here shows that something is amiss.

Sensing the danger drifting in the air, Wilbur glanced at Maya’s tightly wrapped arms around his and said, “No matter what you see later, don’t let go of me.”

Maya glued her gaze to the performance on stage. Thinking that he was purely frightened, she answered, “Fret not. I’ll stick by your side.”

As soon as her words rang out, a monkey jumped off the stage, approached Wilbur, and passed him a flower wreath.

Puzzlement consumed Wilbur. Could there be something wrong with this floral wreath?

On the other hand, Maya thought that it was an adorable behavior of the monkey. Seeing Wilbur’s lack of reaction, she reached out her hand to receive it, but he took action before she could, then threw the wreath on the floor.

The monkey appeared surprised as it scratched its ears while staring at them. A glint of viciousness flashed across its eyes, seemingly ready to launch an attack.

Wilbur shoved Maya behind him to protect her. Don’t tell me they are making a strike with a monkey? Isn’t this move a little too weak?

In the next moment, the animal tamer hurried toward Maya and Wilbur’s direction and apologized, “I’m sorry for causing any shock to the two of you. The monkey must’ve given you the flower wreath because of how attractive you two are. Before the performance begins earlier, I’ve explained that the recipient of the flower wreath will be able to participate in the upcoming magic show. I really hope you guys will gladly join us!”

“What magic show? Is there such a thing? We have no idea since we just came in,” Maya asked, surprised.

The animal tamer explained, “Yes, I’ve mentioned it earlier. Everyone here heard me well. If you don’t believe my words, feel free to ask any one of them.”

At this point, several people in the crowd quickly acknowledged the man’s words. In truth, it was a rigged action.

“Yes, he said that earlier.”

“Yes, whoever gets the flower wreath will be able to participate in the next segment’s magic show.”

“You two are so lucky. We’ll wait for you guys to share with us your experiences after joining.”

“Head up to the stage now.”

“Indeed. We’re all waiting to watch the show. Hurry!”

“Exactly. Don’t be such a spoilsport!”

It was out of Maya’s expectation that such an incident would occur. She lifted her gaze to look at Wilbur, who leaned close to her ear and whispered, “There are too many people here. With how excited they looked, I’m afraid we can’t get out of here without participating.”

“So you want us to join?”

“I’ll join by myself! Just say that you’re scared and want to leave this place. Go outside, find a safe spot, and wait for me.”

Maya sized Wilbur up. At that moment, she suddenly saw how Wilbur was no longer an idiot.

Tightening her grip on Wilbur’s arm, she rejected, “I don’t want to! You said it yourself. You told me not to let go of your arm no matter what happens.”

“That’s just now; it’s no longer the same case now.”

“No matter when is it, I don’t want to leave you.”

Right then, Wilbur noticed that Nicholas’ aide was among the crowd and watching them closely. Mabel wants to deal with Maya and me. If I get Maya to leave first, she might possibly run into danger outside. Forget about it; let’s deal with it together!

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