Mistaking the CEO for a Gigolo Chapter 2059

Chapter 2059 Wicked Woman

Looking all tensed up, Mabel replied, “Those are all rumors. People were just making wild guesses because her death was too sudden. That’s quite normal.”

“Is that it?” Maya questioned. “Yes, of course. It was certified by a doctor. She had indeed died of illness.” From the way the couple was staring at her, Mabel felt as if she was a criminal who was being interrogated. The more questions they had, the more certain the woman was that they had to be gotten rid of.

Maya stopped asking any further after Mabel replied. However, the girl had keenly noticed Mabel’s nervousness and unease from the look on her face. In fact, long before, she had already heard that Mabel was involved in Wilbur’s mother’s death. But given how tight-lipped the woman was, Maya knew that it wasn’t possible to obtain any information from her.

Just as Maya was lost in thought, she heard Mabel asking Wilbur, “Wil, about what you said just now, did you hear that from somewhere or… Why did you say that I’m wicked? Is there anything that you know?”

Mabel started to doubt if the man was indeed retarded. If he were just pretending, she would have to change a method to deal with him.

Wilbur rolled his eyes and replied, “You’re such an idiot! Everyone in the Simpson family is saying that you are wicked and caused the death of my mom. They said you’re just like a vicious snake. You are the mother snake, and Nicholas is the baby snake. Both of you are the worst!”

Mabel froze upon hearing the man’s words. If that’s what everyone is saying, does it mean that he has heard it somewhere?

Did he really hear it from others though?

“Mrs. Simpson, since Wilbur is not in the right state of mind currently, he believes everything people tell him. Please don’t take it to heart.”

“Wil, who are the people who have been telling you such rubbish? Did they really say that I’m wicked and caused the death of your mom?”

Wilbur thought about it for a while and started counting with his fingers while mentioning some names. He had made up some of those names that did not belong to anyone from the Simpson family. However, two of those people who were mentioned by him were Mabel’s trusted aides who had assisted her in many of her evil deeds.

Since he had wanted to get rid of the whole lot of them, Wilbur felt that it was the perfect opportunity to do it through Mabel.

His words had indeed planted doubts in Mabel’s mind, and the woman could not help but wonder if her aides had really gone against her and betrayed her.

“Did they really say that themselves? What else did they tell you?”

“No, I eavesdropped on their discussion when they were talking among themselves.”

Mabel’s expression darkened when she heard that, and she was determined to find out what exactly those two people had been talking about behind her back, thinking that they must have a death wish!

“Mrs. Simpson, Wilbur is no different from a kid now. He will blindly listen to anything anyone tells him. It’s just normal that he is showing you hostility after hearing what others say. You shouldn’t take it to heart.”

Maya specially said that as she was worried that Mabel would harm Wilbur after hearing his words.

Mabel forced a smile and replied, “Of course, I wouldn’t. This boy was brought up by me, and I know his character very well. Don’t worry. I won’t blame him.”

It doesn’t matter whether I blame him or not because the two of you are going to die soon, and I can’t be bothered getting upset with a dead person.

Noticing Mabel’s strange smile, Maya took out her phone and pretended to be fiddling with it out of boredom while texting her four bodyguards discreetly, instructing them to protect Wilbur in the shadows.

She received a reply from them shortly: Don’t worry, Ms. Maya. We are right behind you and will ensure the safety of Mr. Wilbur.

Maya heaved a sigh of relief after reading their text.

Shortly after, the three of them arrived at the zoo. After the car came to a stop at the zoo’s entrance, they hopped off. Then, Mabel instructed the chauffeur to wait there before reminding Maya, “It’s very crowded inside. You have to take care of Wil and keep a close eye on him. Don’t get separated.”

“I will,” Maya replied with a nod.

Grabbing the corners of Wilbur’s sleeves, Maya said to him, “Don’t walk too fast.”

Wilbur glanced at Maya’s hand that was holding onto his arm, and a look of displeasure appeared on his face before he quickly headed inside.

“Slow down!”

“Let go of me if you can’t catch up,” Wilbur replied.

“No way I’m letting go!”

Mabel fixed her gaze on the two of them who were walking in front and took out her phone to send a message: They are here. Proceed according to the plan.

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