Mistaking the CEO for a Gigolo Chapter 2058

Chapter 2058 An Apple Never Falls Far From The Tree

During the journey, Mabel chatted with Maya enthusiastically. She sang the praises of her parents, describing how outstanding Evan was and commenting that no other company would be able to surpass Seet Group under his leadership.

She also complimented Nicole for her benevolence and that under her management, Bernian Hospital had saved the lives of countless people living in poverty by providing them with medical care.

The woman concluded by telling Maya that she was extremely lucky to have such good parents. “My parents are indeed very outstanding. It’s fortune smiling on me, giving me parents like them.”

“You’re also very outstanding yourself. Haven’t you heard of the saying—An apple never falls far from the tree? I think that is totally applicable to you. It seems like you’ve inherited your parents’ good genes. I’m sure you’ll be an outstanding person yourself in the future too.”

Just then, Wilbur, who had kept his eyes closed the entire time, suddenly spoke when he heard the woman’s words. “Who said an apple never falls far from the tree? Nicholas is not like Dad at all. He has completely taken after you. The both of you are equally wicked.”

Mabel’s expression darkened at once and replied, “Wil, what did you say? How can you say that!”

“I’m just speaking the truth. The Simpson kids all take after our mothers. I’m very much like my mom too, my biological mother… Do you still remember how she died?”

Mabel’s expression turned a few shades darker when she heard the man’s question. “Wil, I am your mother. Don’t you remember? Are you having a relapse?” The woman wanted to mess with Wilbur, taking advantage of the fact that he was not in the right state of mind.

“You’re not my mother! I have my own mother!”

Wilbur shot Mabel a sharp glare before shutting his eyes and keeping quiet again.

A shiver ran down Mabel’s spine when she saw the man’s cold gaze and could not help but wonder if he actually knew something.

In fact, the way in which he spoke earlier on was just like how a perfectly normal person would.

Could it be…

The woman felt slightly flustered at that thought.

Maya was also rather baffled and wondered why Wilbur would suddenly bring up his mom.

As she was also curious to know the truth behind Wilbur’s mother’s death, Maya followed up on the man’s question and asked Mabel, “Mrs. Simpson, how did Wilbur’s biological mother pass away? What was she like? Was she pretty?”

Mabel had not expected Maya to also take an interest in Wilbur’s mother. Snapping out of her daze, she took a glance at Wilbur before composing herself and replying in a soft voice, “Wilbur’s mother was a very kind and beautiful woman. It’s a pity that she died from an illness shortly after giving birth to Wilbur. Sometimes, fate can be very cruel indeed. As I felt bad for Wilbur for losing his mother at such a young age, I have always treated him like my own child. I just hope that he can—”

Sensing that Mabel was about to give a sentimental speech about her love for her son, Maya interrupted the woman impatiently, “You mentioned that Wilbur’s mom died of an illness. What illness was it?”

Hearing the girl’s question, Wilbur pricked up his ears, waiting in anticipation for Mabel’s answer.

Thinking on her feet, Mabel sighed and replied, “The cause of her death was sudden cerebral hemorrhage.”

“But I heard that my mom was poisoned to death,” Wilbur commented innocently, with his eyes still closed.

“Nonsense! Wil, stop listening to those unfounded rumors. Why would anyone want to kill such a kind-hearted woman like your mom? She had indeed died of a cerebral hemorrhage.”

Wilbur did not refute the woman’s claim but opened his eyes and stared straight into her eyes instead.

The man’s intense glare sent chills down Mabel’s spine, causing her to quickly avert her gaze.

At that moment, Mabel decided that it no longer mattered what Wilbur knew or if he was truly retarded; she was determined to proceed with her plan to get rid of him.

Clenching her fists discreetly, Mabel diverted her attention to Maya. Trying her best to stay calm, she started chatting casually with the girl again.

“Maya, I heard that your mom had received her medical training abroad. Did you grow up overseas too?”

Maya could tell that Mabel was trying to change the topic and replied while staring at the woman unrelentingly, “Mrs. Simpson, I can share that with you another time. There’s something I’m really curious to know. If it’s true that Wilbur’s mother had died of illness, why would there be rumors about her being poisoned? Could there be more than meets the eye?”

Well, I won’t let you change the topic!

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