Mistaking the CEO for a Gigolo Chapter 2057

Chapter 2057 Acrobatic Show

When Maya turned back to look, she saw that Wilbur was indeed gobbling down his food as if he had not eaten for days.

As it was such a stark difference from the graceful manner in which he was eating earlier on, Maya could not help but wonder if his condition was just intermittent, where he was normal sometimes and behaved like a child at other times.

“Wil, slow down. No one is going to snatch your food away.” Wilbur looked up and glanced at Mabel before replying, “Whoever takes my food is a dog! You’re a dog if you eat my food!”

Mabel’s expression stiffened when she heard that. You’re the dog, you idiot! You’re an idiotic dog!

The next instant, she regained her composure and responded, “Don’t worry. I won’t take your food away. I heard that there’s an acrobatic show at the zoo today. There will be dogs jumping through flaming rings, monkeys balancing on steel wires, trapeze performances, and some others… It will be an amazing experience! Wil, do you want to go with Maya?”

Lowering his head, a dark look flashed past Wilbur eyes.

Through the listening device, he got to know that Mabel was looking for an opportunity to harm him and Maya. As such, he suspected that she might be up to no good by inviting them to the acrobatic show!

“Maya, would you like to go?” Mabel asked.

Maya remembered that the doctor had advised Wilbur to go out more often as frequent interactions with the surroundings might help to jog his memory. As such, she replied, “Yes, I would like to go. Wilbur, shall we go together?”

“Wil, since Maya wants to go, why don’t the two of you go together? I guarantee that you will be blown away by the spectacular show.”

Wilbur wondered what Mabel had up her sleeves by making such a guarantee. As such, his curiosity was aroused, and he looked forward to seeing what she intended to do.

“All right. I want to jump through flame rings, too,” Wilbur replied innocently.

Mabel was delighted when she heard that.

That idiot even wants to jump through flame rings! If that’s the case, I’ll make sure he gets burn to ashes!

“OK, we’ll go after you guys get ready.”

When Wilbur heard that, he put down his food immediately and stood up, raring to head out.

“I’ll accompany you upstairs to get changed first,” Maya said, noticing that Wilbur’s shirt had food stains on it.

Wilbur looked down at his dirty clothes and headed upstairs without replying.

Maya trailed along behind him but was stopped by the man. “You’re a girl, and I’m a boy. Are you trying to take advantage of me? Stop following me!”

Maya was speechless and replied, “Fine then. I won’t follow you. Go get changed.”

After Wilbur ran back to his room, Mabel suggested that Maya get changed as well and told the girl that she had to head back to her room to get ready too.

A murderous glint appeared in Mabel’s eyes as she watched Maya walk into her room. “Well, the two of you should get ready to go to the netherworld together!”

After Wilbur changed into a new set of clothes, he saw Mabel walking out of Nicholas’ room. That further reinforced his belief that the mother-and-son pair had indeed thought that he and Maya had fallen into their trap and were discussing a way to deal with them.

Remaining unfazed, the man asked Mabel innocently, “Can we go now?”

“Yes. Let’s go!”

At the same time, Maya walked out of her room after getting changed. As such, the three of them left together.

After reaching the garage, Mabel instructed Maya and Wilbur to take the car in front and had also arranged for a chauffeur to drive them. However, Wilbur suddenly exclaimed, “Come with us!”

“I… I’m taking the car behind. The two of you should travel in the same car so that you guys can chat. I won’t be the third wheel.”

However, Wilbur insisted on having Mabel in the same car as them, as he was worried that the woman might have tampered with the vehicle. If that was really the case, Maya and he would be in great danger and might even die without knowing why.

Even though Mabel was fuming with anger inwardly, there was nothing she could do as Wilbur was holding tightly onto her arm. In the end, the woman had no choice but to give in. “Let’s take the car at the back together then.”

After she finished speaking, Wilbur quickly hopped into the second car with Maya following behind.

The man kept his eyes closed and said nothing throughout the entire journey.

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