Mistaking the CEO for a Gigolo Chapter 2056

Chapter 2056 Prank

“Well, you said that yourself!” “Don’t worry. I’m known to be generous. By then, I’ll definitely pamper your baby with a huge surprise!” That managed to arouse Levant’s curiosity. “Sure, I’ll be waiting.”

After chatting with Tiffany for a while longer, Sheila left Levant Winery reluctantly. In a much better mood on the way back, she started analyzing the situation again from a third party’s perspective.

“Davin, no matter what, he’s still my dad. He’s just blinded by desire now. If he’s willing to take a step back and not be controlled by his desire, he would stop being so insistent on developing black technology and wouldn’t have resorted to unscrupulous means just to get our money. Why don’t we think of a way to pull him out of this dark abyss?”

“All he has in mind now is money. Given that he could even disregard familial ties, using every means possible just for money, how are we supposed to help him?” Davin replied while driving.

Sheila went silent for a moment before saying, “But we should still try. He’s my dad, after all.”

“Why don’t we ask my brother if he has a solution?” Davin suggested.

However, his idea was turned down by Sheila immediately. “Why should we ask your brother? Since my dad is your father-in-law, it’s our responsibility to come up with a solution. Besides, you’re already a grown man. How can you get your brother to solve all your problems for you? You can’t expect to rely on him forever, right?”

Davin turned to look at Sheila and replied, “I-It was just a casual suggestion. I’ll think of something, all right?”

“Think of something now then.”

Davin sighed helplessly and started thinking. Just seconds later, he came up with an idea.

Even though it might not be the best idea, he felt that it was still worth a shot.

“Sheila, why don’t we play a prank on your dad?”

Sheila frowned, not quite understanding what the man meant. “What do you mean? What kind of prank?”

“I heard that one would only realize the true meaning of life when they are at the brink of death. If we let your dad experience that, do you think he would give up on his desires and enjoy his retirement years peacefully?”

“Experiencing being on the brink of death? Would his life be in danger?”

“Of course not. He’s your dad and my father-in-law. Do you think I’ll put his life at risk? Just leave it to me. You can just wait for the results.”

After hearing Davin’s plan would not endanger her father’s life, Sheila heaved a sigh of relief.

It would be wonderful if that prank would lead her father back to the right path.

As such, the woman nodded before reminding Davin once more, “You have to promise that he will be safe. If my dad loses his life because of you, I will not let you off!”

“Don’t worry, that won’t happen. Actually, the plan is very simple. We will just…”

Davin let Sheila in on his plan. After listening to the man’s words attentively, she nodded in agreement.

“Let’s execute the plan right away! I hope that my dad turns over a new leaf as soon as possible.”

“Sure, let’s go get prepared now. We’ll go find your dad when we’re ready.”

After coming to an agreement, the couple sprang into action immediately.

Meanwhile, at the Simpson residence, Maya had a smile on her face while looking at Wilbur, who was eating quietly. At that moment, the man was just like how he was when he was still normal, and she could not help but be mesmerized by his elegant mannerisms.

While Maya was still in a daze, she suddenly heard footsteps coming from upstairs.

Just by the distinct sound of the clicking of high heels, the girl knew that it was Mabel without even looking up.

“Why is he eating when it’s not even mealtime yet?” Mabel’s voice rang out.

Maya turned around and looked at the woman before replying, “Wilbur is hungry, so I made him some food. Would you like to have some too?”

Mabel smiled slightly and replied, “I’ve heard that you have excellent culinary skills and even know how to make all kinds of desserts. Just by looking at how quick Wilbur is gobbling down his food, I’m sure it tastes good.”

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