Mistaking the CEO for a Gigolo Chapter 2055

Chapter 2055 Fallen For Your Wife

“Children should keep out of the adults’ business.” Luke stuck out his tongue defiantly and asked Sheila, “Aunt Sheila, what’s Zayden doing at home? Can I stay over at your house and play with Zayden for a few days? I’m so bored at the winery. Mommy doesn’t have time for me, and daddy doesn’t want to play with me. I feel so lonely without any friends here.”

Sheila stroked the boy’s head and answered smilingly, “Sure, you can. Zayden and Joy miss you too. Why don’t you follow us back to Seet Residence later?” “OK! I’ll bring my new toys to play with them. I’ll go pack up right away!”

After Luke went off to pack happily, Davin turned to look at Levant and said, “If you have nothing to do, why don’t you have another kid? Maybe you’ll end up having a smart and adorable daughter who’s as likable as Joy.”

“Indeed, you guys should have a little girl,” Sheila agreed with her husband. Levant froze for a moment before looking up at Tiffany.

After pondering for a moment, Tiffany replied, “I don’t have time for another kid. I’m so busy with work that I hardly have any time to spend with my boy.”

“Work, work. You’re always thinking about work. You’re already becoming like a robot that’s just programmed to work,” Levant’s expression darkened as he commented in exasperation. Tiffany glanced at the man but did not reply.

Davin stood up and walked toward Levant. Giving a pat on the man’s shoulder, he said softly, “You can’t blame her for that. If you are able to make her pregnant, she would have no choice but to stop working so hard. You’ve got to work harder.”

Levant looked up at Davin, feeling rather speechless.

Davin sized the other man up and whispered to him, “Something doesn’t seem right. Have you actually fallen in love with your wife? I can tell that you were not opposed to my suggestion of having another kid with her. If you don’t have any feelings for her, why would you even consider doing that?”

“Stop with your nonsense,” Levant brushed Davin off, unwilling to continue with that topic.

However, Davin wasn’t about to give up as he commented, “I’m sure you have fallen for your wife. Maybe, the love you had for my sister-in-law has already been transferred over to your wife. I heard that it’s impossible for us only to love one person throughout our entire lifetime. Given that you’ve been spending time together every day, it’s just normal that you’ve developed feelings for an outstanding woman like her. I can totally understand.”

Levant looked at the man and replied, “Since you said that it’s impossible for us to only love one person throughout our entire lifetime, do you think your brother and Nicole would fall in love with other people and stop liking each other too?”

Not expecting that question from Levant, Davin frowned and asked, “What do you mean by that? Do you wish that my sister-in-law would fall for someone else, for example, you?”

“I…” Levant slid a glance at Tiffany, who was talking to Sheila beside them, and replied in a softer voice, “That’s not what I meant. It was just a casual follow-up question to your comment earlier on.”

“It’d better be that. If you are really harboring such ridiculous ideas, you should get rid of them right away. My brother and sister-in-law are fated to be together. They have liked each other since they were teens, and their love for each other has only gotten stronger over the years. Given how deep their relationship is, they will never abandon each other and are destined to grow old together. They are not like us… who fall for others easily.”

“You? Who did you fall in love with?”

“I… I was previously together with Renee, right? Now that I’ve fallen for Sheila, that’s kind of considered falling in love with someone else too. It’s the same with you. You’ve also ended up falling for your wife.”

Levant shot Davin a glance before landing his gaze on Tiffany, wondering if he had indeed fallen in love with the woman.

Impossible! He was sure that he would never love another woman other than Nicole.

The man tried to convince himself that his feelings for his wife were similar to the kind of love between family members, which was a result of them living together and definitely not romantic.

“Why are you in a daze? Work hard and get your wife to give you another kid. I’ll bring an expensive present to your baby shower!”

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