Mistaking the CEO for a Gigolo Chapter 2054

Chapter 2054 Be Prepared To Face Challenges Ahead

Tiffany said, “My mechanism of coping with my painful past is not to think about it. I want to move on and don’t want to be haunted by it anymore. But we must always be prepared to face challenges ahead. I believe Davin and you will find a way to deal with your dad.”

Sheila nodded. “Yes. I’ll not allow him to mess with my family.” Tiffany looked curious. “Why would your dad mess with the Seets? Did something happen?”

Sheila sighed and told her how greed had blinded her father and about the story of Jonathan’s adultery.

Just when she was expressing her dismay about her father-in-law, Davin and Levant came in. She immediately changed the topic. “What are you guys doing here?”

“I want to know what you two are talking about. I heard you mentioned something about my uncle, a woman, and your dad. What’s going on?” Levant asked out of curiosity.

Sheila raised her head to look at Davin. I know we shouldn’t air our family’s dirty laundry in public, but should we tell Levant?

Her husband cleared his throat. “Nothing happened. Everything is fine.”

Levant looked at them and raised his brows. “Something must have happened. I can tell from your expressions. He did something silly, didn’t he?”

“Nope. My dad did nothing. Nope,” Davin denied.

“Listen to yourself. I bet there’s something fishy going on.”

Levant then turned his attention to Sheila. “Why don’t you tell me instead? Who is involved with a woman? Your dad or my uncle?”

“Hey, watch your mouth. Greed might consume my father, but he would never cheat on my mom.” Sheila defended her father.

“So, the man you were talking about was your father-in-law!” Levant said affirmatively. “How dare he cheat on Aunt Sophia? I must teach him a lesson!”

“Enough! My family is a mess now, and I don’t need you to add fuel to the fire. I’m sure you know my mom’s temper very well. Do you really want them to divorce? They’re not young anymore!” Davin raised his voice.

“You mean we should turn a blind eye to what your dad has done just because they’re not young anymore?” Levant questioned.

“I’ll make sure my dad cut ties with that woman!”

“Really? Do you think he will listen to you?”

“Of course, he will.”

Levant thought about it for a bit. “Nope. Since I found out about his extramarital affair, I’ll have to do something about it. I can’t let Aunt Sophia suffer in silence!”

“What do you want to do?” Davin panicked.

Sheila could not keep mum anymore. “Please don’t tell me you’re going to tell my mother-in-law about it. You can’t do this, Levant. I forbid you.”

“Sheila’s right. They’re already in their sixties, and news like this would only stir up unnecessary drama in the family. I think we should ask my dad to treat her better. It’s a good way to make it up to her, don’t you think?”

Levant looked at them and frowned. “Calm down, you guys. When did I say I want to tell Aunt Sophia about this?”

“What do you have in mind then?”

“You know the woman, right? Give me her information. I’ll tell her to stay away from your dad!”

The three of them exchanged looks and heaved a sigh of relief.

“You nearly gave us a heart attack, Levant. I don’t know much about the woman. Go and find it out yourself.”

“Fine. Since I’ve nothing to do lately, I shall find out who she is and teach her a lesson!”

Luke, who so happened to walk in and overheard their conversation, asked curiously, “Teach who a lesson? I’ll go with you, Dad.”

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