Mistaking the CEO for a Gigolo Chapter 2053

Chapter 2053 Reconciling With The Past

Upon hearing what Tiffany said, Sheila let out another sigh and went silent for a moment. After picking up a glass and taking a sip, Tiffany continued, “I think my experience is still not too bad since I’ve heard worse. The person’s story inspired me to work hard and build my career. We can only reconcile our past when we become successful.” “Who’s that? Did the person suffer because of family problems too?” Sheila was curious to know more about the person’s story.

Tiffany nodded. “Ever since his parents got divorced, he had been living with his father. He eventually had to live with his grandfather after his father married another woman. His father ran a silk business and was a rather successful businessman. He would pick his daughter up from school in a luxury car, but that man had to walk back to his grandparents’ house. His father and stepmother treated their own child like a princess and gave her everything she wanted, and he was envious of her.”

She continued, “His father didn’t allow this friend of mine to call him ‘Dad’ as he didn’t want his daughter to find out he was once married. His father was afraid that the news would have a bad impact on his daughter’s development. He would only give my friend some money when he visited a few times a year.

“Whenever his father gave him money, he felt conflicted. As a child, he wanted his father to show him more love and treat him a little better. He would have had no problem treating his father as a stranger had the latter ignored him from the start. But the fact that his father showed him concern once in a while made him feel even more miserable. He hated his father as much as he loved him.”

“Now that he has entered adulthood, how is his relationship with his father?” Sheila asked.

“My friend studied hard and entered his dream university with flying colors. He even managed to pursue his studies overseas. He eventually came back and attained great success in his field. People who knew his story felt sorry for him, but he said he had reconciled with his father.”

Sheila did not understand how the man could forgive his father. “Does that mean he doesn’t hate his father anymore?”

Tiffany answered, “He used to hate his father but not anymore. When he was planning to buy a house, his father even helped him pay the two-hundred-thousand deposit. He forgave his dad not because of the money. In fact, he could afford the payment himself since he earned much more than his father. He put the past behind him because he had learned to let go and not let his hatred get the better of him.”

Sheila went deep in thought for a bit before asking, “Is this why you aspire to be like him?”

“Yes. I worked hard to build my career because I want to reconcile with my past and live in peace for the rest of my life.”

Sheila paused for a moment and responded with a sigh. “I guess I’m not magnanimous enough to forgive the things my dad has done.”

He said he would make a din at the Seet Residence this evening. I don’t dare to imagine what would happen later!

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