Mistaking the CEO for a Gigolo Chapter 2052

Chapter 2052 They Hurt Me The Most

Tiffany’s expression turned grim as she didn’t expect Sheila to ask that question. Fragments of memory popped up in her mind, and she responded with a grin. “I wouldn’t have remembered them had you not mentioned them.”

“What do you mean? They’re your closest family members. How could you not remember them?” Sheila looked at her in disbelief. How could one forget one’s family members?

Tiffany replied, “We might be related by blood, but what they did to me clearly shows they don’t see me as their family. This is why I hated them.

“I held grudges against them. However, I kept reminding myself that they’re my family. Battling my inner demons has taken a toll on my mental health, so I chose to forget them and pour my heart and soul into my work. Eventually, we stopped keeping in touch with each other, and that’s how I forgot about them.”

Sheila looked at Tiffany, and her heart sank. They must have hurt her so deeply that she was forced to distance herself from them.

I can only imagine what she has to go through to form such extremities.

“You wouldn’t have hated your mom had she not favored your brother over you in the family, would you? I guess you wouldn’t have led such a miserable life too,” Sheila said.

“I’ve always known my brother was the apple of her eye, and I’m fine with that. What upset me the most was the way they treated me after my divorce. They had a few vacant houses, yet they refused to let us have one. In the end, my child and I had to stay in a rented unit. Since then, I knew. To them, I was nothing but an outsider.

“My mom eventually found our rented unit and forced me to remarry. Besides making a lot of hurtful remarks, she also reprimanded me. How could I not feel disappointed? That’s why I severed ties with them. Instead of depending on others, I would rather rely on myself.”

“That’s why you’re so focused on your career. Would you still take care of your parents if they need your help?”

Sheila suddenly recalled what she had said to her father, and she wanted to know Tiffany’s thoughts if the latter were in her shoes.

Tiffany kept mum for a moment and lifted her head to look at Sheila. “To be honest, when I decided to sever ties with them, I told myself I didn’t want them to appear in my life anymore. Although I’d learned to let bygones be bygones over time, it doesn’t mean I’ve forgiven them.

“When they’re old, I’ll give them a monthly allowance, and should they need help, I’ll be there. The law clearly states it’s the children’s responsibility to take care of the parents even if the parents don’t provide them with any form of financial assistance. So I’d abide by it.”

“What about your brother? Would you help him if he needs it?”

Tiffany thought about it. “Well, I don’t have an answer to that question. To me, he’s just another stranger since he doesn’t view me as his sister. When I needed help the most, he kicked me out of the family instead. The only thing that binds us together is the responsibility to take care of our parents.

“People always say blood is thicker than water, but my family has hurt me the most. I don’t know if I’d be willing to lend my brother a hand if he needs my help in the future.” She let out a sigh.

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