Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort chapter 2338

Chapter 2338 The Finale 7

“It’s a good sign.” Zachary gazed at Charlotte tenderly and said, “Robbie, Jamie, and Ellie are waiting for you. We’ll pick you up at the airport together when you arrive.”

“Okay…” Happiness was written all over the woman’s face. “I don’t know if I can still fit in the bridal gown as I’ve gained weight from the food I ate over the last few days.”

“You’d still be slim no matter how much you ate.” His eyes brimmed with adoration as he continued, “I’ve prepared ten bridal gowns for you, and you can pick from them. If the gowns don’t fit you, you can wear my suit and let me wear the bridal gown!”

When Charlotte imagined Zachary wearing a bridal gown, she could not help but burst out laughing.

Her laughter echoed throughout the cabin, and everyone was imbued with her happiness.

It was as though Charlotte had brought the great weather from Xendale to H City because she noticed the sun was shining brightly outside when the plane landed, which caused her to be in a good mood.

“Mommy!” Robbie, Jamie, and Ellie dashed over and threw themselves into her arms before wrapping their arms around her neck and kissing her nonstop.

“Mommy, I missed you so much!”

“I missed you too, Mommy!”

“Me too! Me too!”

The three children surrounded Charlotte lovingly, refusing to let her go.

At that moment, Zachary walked over while clapping his hands. “All right. That’s enough of kissing. It’s my turn to have Mommy.”

Charlotte laughed. “You are not young anymore. How can you be jealous of the kids?”

“I don’t care. You’re my wife!” He wrapped his arms around her waist, pulled her into his embrace, and then gave her a passionate kiss.

“Daddy is doing something cringey!” Ellie immediately covered her eyes as she dared not look at that scene.

“See no evil!” Robbie turned around in mock annoyance.

“Tsk, tsk, tsk! Daddy is good at kissing.” Jamie enjoyed it so much that he wanted to imitate Zachary. “I know how to kiss my girlfriend next time!”

“Jamie, you’re shameless!”

“I’m almost eight years old, and I already have three girlfriends.”

“You’re unbelievable!”

The children erupted in fits of laughter.

With much reluctance, Zachary finally let go of Charlotte and turned to look at the kids. The sight of them giggling while playing had him brimming with happiness.

“Let’s go home first.” Charlotte pulled him toward the car. “I’m so tired. Perhaps I’ve been on the plane for too long that I feel sore all over my body.”

“Let me give you a massage.” Zachary kneaded her shoulders for her and exhorted, “When we reach home, take a hot bath and have a good rest. You’ll be a beautiful bride tomorrow!”

“Look at me. Have I gotten fatter? I think my waist got bigger. You have no idea how slim Francesca’s waist is.” It was evident that Charlotte was a bit anxious about her figure.

“How can you compare hers with yours? She’s skinny.” Hugging her gently, he cooed, “You are not fat. Stop overthinking things.”

As he spoke, he nibbled at her earlobe, whispering ambiguously, “I’ll give you a spa session when we head back, and you won’t feel tired anymore.”

Charlotte understood what he was implying, and her cheeks flushed with embarrassment. After letting out a giggle, she chided, “You’re such a pervert!”

“I was talking about a proper spa session. What were you thinking?” Zachary deliberately teased her, “You are the pervert.”

“Jeez. You’re so annoying… Mm…”

Before she could finish her sentence, he kissed her on the lips.

Ben, who was in the passenger seat, had long gotten used to seeing the couple kiss passionately, so he merely shut his eyes to rest. Sadly, Marino could not avoid that scene since he was driving.

Although Marino was dating Morgan, which rendered him part of the Lindberg family, he was still working under Zachary, and the same went for Ben.

Besides, Bruce seemed to be up to something lately, though no one had a clue of what he was doing.

Zachary was too lazy to be bothered by it. Well, I’ve already been married and have had kids for years, so I guess it’s time for these bachelors to find themselves a partner. It’s good that they’re pursuing female bodyguards from the Lindberg family since that’ll strengthen the bond between both families…

Therefore, he had a discussion with Danrique, and they both decided they would stop forbidding their bodyguards from dating each other.

Danrique agreed to Lupine’s and Morgan’s marriages as well, allowing them to make their own decisions.

As of then, it was a happy and harmonious situation.

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