Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort chapter 2337

Chapter 2337 The Finale 6

Norah could not help but chuckle when she heard their conversation. Sean was amused too. The way kids perceive things is so cute!

Norah then asked a few maids to bring the triplets to have dinner downstairs. When she was instructing one of them to invite Charlotte, someone rushed in from outside and reported, “Ms. Lindberg is on her way back to H City. She left for the airport a few moments ago and told me to relay the message.”

“Oh?” Norah turned to look at Sean. “Got it. I’ll report it to Mr. Lindberg later.” He smiled and continued, “She’s been away for a long time, so I reckon Mr. Nacht was urging her to go back. In fact, it’s a little rushed for her to head back today when their wedding’s tomorrow.”

“What? Ms. Lindberg and Mr. Nacht are getting married tomorrow?” she asked curiously, “Ms. Lindberg is going, isn’t he?”

“Of course, he’s going. However, we have to wait for the both of them to wake up,” Sean answered with a smile. “Mdm. Norah, could you please take care of the kids? I need to make some arrangements. Once Mr. Lindberg and Ms. Felch wake up, we’ll head straight to the airport.”

“Sure. Don’t worry. Leave the kids to me.”

The moment Norah arrived downstairs, the triplets gathered around her and asked, “Mdm. Norah, did Mr. Sean say someone’s having a wedding? Whose wedding is it? Is it Daddy and Mommy’s?”

“It’s your Aunt Charlotte and Uncle Zachary’s wedding,” Norah explained.

“Didn’t Aunt Charlotte and Uncle Zachary have their wedding already?” Beta asked in bafflement. “We wore nice dresses and even took photos with them.”

“Yeah! Robbie, Jamie, and Ellie were there too. We even sat on Uncle Zachary’s shoulders…” Gamma uttered while eating her mashed potato.

“That was a pre-wedding photoshoot, not a wedding,” Sean explained with a smile. “However, I think they were supposed to have held two marriage ceremonies before this. It’s just that both weddings had to be canceled because an accident happened each time. This time around, it’ll surely go on smoothly!”

It was after he spoke that he realized the triplets had directed their attention to their dinner. Children their age only knew how to ask questions; they simply did not have the patience to listen to the answers.

With a smile on his face, Sean shook his head and left to make the necessary arrangements.

Strangely enough, the weather, which had been gloomy and snowy, became sunny on that day.

Finally, the sun was out, and the snow was melting. Although it was still a bit chilly, it felt comfortable to feel the sunlight on his body.

Sean heaved a sigh and exclaimed, “Finally! After a storm comes a calm!”

“That’s right! The calm is going to last this time around.” Gordon felt the same way. “After the many incidents we’ve gone through, things have finally calmed down. Now that the Lindberg family and the Nacht family are living in harmony with each other, no one can shake us, nor would anyone dare to provoke us. That includes the new president!”

“Of course.” Sean smiled. “Didn’t you see? Ever since the Lindberg family and the Nacht family reconciled, many people came to express their goodwill.”

“Before this, one family alone was able to conquer the world. Now that both families are united, we’re invincible!” Gordon was thrilled. “Speaking of which, all merits belong to Ms. Lindberg!”

“That’s right. Ms. Lindberg resolved the tension between the families and even brought such a huge amount of money to help Ms. Lindberg weather the storm!” Sean was making the arrangements on his phone and talking at the same time. “Therefore, we need to get ourselves ready to attend their wedding at H City!”

“What about Mr. Lindberg and Ms. Felch’s wedding?” Gordon inquired curiously. “I thought they would have the wedding at the same time.”

“There’s not enough time, and I think Mr. Lindberg should have other plans,” Sean answered. “Ms. Felch and Mr. Lindberg prefer peace and quiet. Perhaps a simple and low-key wedding would suit them better.”

“You have a point…” Gordon nodded. “I’ll get the private jet ready.”


While they were busying away, Charlotte had already boarded the private jet bound for H City.

The moment she sat down, she received a video call from Zachary. “Have you boarded the plane?” he asked.

“Yes.” Charlotte turned the camera to the outside and said, “The sun is out in Xendale today!”

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