Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort chapter 2336

Chapter 2336 The Finale 5

In Zachary, Danrique saw what it was like to have a high EQ. All along, he thought having a high EQ meant pleasing others and being empathetic. Hence, he scorned it, never seeing the need to have a high EQ.

It was then he belatedly discovered the advantages of having a high EQ. With it, one could accomplish things that could not be done with money, power, and status—for example, having a high EQ could improve and maintain one’s relationship with one’s family.

In fact, Zachary once mentioned how a person needed to put in the effort to take care of a family. Regardless of one’s social status and capability, one’s family should take priority over any other matter.

Although it was a well-known value in life, Danrique only thoroughly understood it then.

Only when his family was harmonious and happy would he have the mental capacity to deal with other things in life.

Perhaps that was what a fulfilling life was all about.

While he was looking forward to reaching home, Francesca was figuring out ways to escape. Truth be told, she had the chance to escape. With her capability, escaping on her own was child’s play. However, bringing the children with her was a totally different story.

Making a compromise was her only choice unless she could harden her heart to abandon them.

Being coaxed into going home, Francesca knew she had fallen for Danrique and the triplets’ trick. Yet, it was a trap she willingly stepped into.

No matter what, I can’t deny I was moved by the fact that Danrique had gotten the kids’ approvals in such a short period of time. That wasn’t something I expected. Although I’m still feeling uneasy, I ought to forget all my concerns now that I see how much the kids like Danrique… Indeed, they need both their parents. I don’t have the right to deny them the paternal love they deserve. If I keep being obstinate, I’m going to hurt the kids. For their sake, I have no choice but to give in.

That was what she told herself, at least.

When Danrique pushed her onto the bed, she warned ferociously, “I’m warning you, Danrique. I only came back for the children’s sake. You better not think that I’m still in love with you. What are you doing? Why are you taking off my clothes? Hey…”

While the room was filled with passionate intimacy, the three children were wobbling down the stairs. Behaving like a grown-up, Alpha exclaimed, “Daddy and Mommy are like kids! They always make others worry about them!”

“I agree! I agree! Especially Mommy…”

“No matter what, at least Mommy is finally home now. From now on, we’ll get to drink the snake soup she makes!”

“We haven’t had that in a long while. Even hearing about it makes me hungry!”

“Is dinner ready, Mdm. Norah?” the triplets yelled as they were walking down the stairs.

“Yes! I’ll ask the others to serve the dishes in the dining room. Be good, kids. Don’t run, okay? I’m coming to get you all…” Norah rushed up the stairs to carry the three children.

Before she could get to them, however, the kids went back up the stairs, knocked on the door, and yelled, “Daddy! Mommy! Let’s have dinner!”

“Daddy! Mommy! Dinner is ready!”

“Daddy! Mommy!”

“Hey! Hey! Hey!” Norah quickly stopped them and said, “Be a dear and stop it, girls. Your daddy and mommy are busy. I’ll bring you down for dinner.”

Alpha tilted her head and asked curiously, “What are they busy with?”

“Well…” Norah was at a loss for words.

“They’re busy making younger siblings for you girls!” Sean suddenly piped up. “Would you like that?”

“What? Again?” Beta frowned. With frustration written all over her face, she asked, “Don’t we have enough kids in our family? Why would they want to have more?”

“Exactly! With Robbie, Jamie, and Ellie around, we already have six children in our household. If they were to have more children, we could start a kindergarten!”

“Oh? That sounds good. When the time comes, let’s open up a kindergarten here…”

“Yes. I think Uncle Zachary and Aunt Charlotte are going to have babies again soon.”

“Adults are troublesome. We always have to worry about them.”

“That’s right!”

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