Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort chapter 2335

Chapter 2335 The Finale 4

“Okay. Let’s go home.” Danrique stretched out his arms at his children. “Girls, come here.” “Daddy!” The girls threw themselves into his arms affectionately.

Francesca was dumbfounded by the scene. Danrique has never spent time with the girls. He even scared them with horror stories at the Nacht residence previously. Their relationship should be very distant, so why have they suddenly become so close now?

“Good girls. Let’s bring your mommy back with us, okay?” As he held the kids in his embrace, his tall figure contrasted with their short stature, creating a very adorable and heart-warming scene.

“Okay!” the girls answered in unison. “Awesome!” He lifted them in his arms and strode right out.

“Hey, what are you doing, Danrique? Give me back my children. Hey!” Francesca hastily chased after him. “Girls, hurry up and come to me.”

“Mommy, let’s go back together. Mdm. Norah prepared a lot of delicious food and is waiting for us at home. Daddy has been yearning for your return every day.”

“That’s right, Mommy. Come home with us. Daddy bought a lot of pretty jewelry for you.”

“Let’s go, Mommy!”

The girls showed no inclination to break free from Danrique. They even waved their little hands at Francesca, gesturing for the latter to join them.

The three pairs of petite arms were like baited hooks, prompting Francesca to trail them.

“Danrique, give me back my children.” She stomped in exasperation but had no choice but to follow the kids.

With that, he successfully lured her into the car. Sean swiftly closed the car door from the outside. Francesca was left with no way to escape as the girls clambered over her.

Danrique curled his lips into a smirk as he took in the way the kids were keeping their mother occupied. Zachary’s plan is indeed incredible!

The couple was at an impasse, and Francesca wouldn’t follow Danrique back to Xendale no matter what. At that time, he was also at his wits’ end.

Afterward, Zachary came up with the idea of asking Danrique to bring the kids back to Xendale first before creating false rumors to draw Francesca to Xendale.

Sure enough, when she saw the news about Danrique looking for a girlfriend, she immediately rushed over in vexation.

To put it in Francesca’s own words, she couldn’t care less about Danrique’s search for a female companion. Her concern was the type of woman who would become her kids’ stepmother.

What if her children became victims of domestic abuse?

Nevertheless, Francesca wasn’t a fool. She realized Danrique might be deliberately provoking her using that method, so she didn’t confront him directly. Instead, she seized that opportunity to sneak into the Lindberg residence to bring her children away.

Unfortunately, he had established tight security measures around his residence, so she couldn’t even slip inside the house or catch sight of the kids. Not only that, Danrique even kidnapped Anthony, extracted all her assets, and locked them inside his safe to tempt her into showing up at his office.

Subsequently, Danrique planned to lure her back home with their children.

Of course, that was provided that he had to put forth his best effort to mingle with his kids, winning the girls’ trust and affection in advance.

Not only that, but he also had to tirelessly teach and persuade them to work together to coax Francesca into going home with them. The hard work he had poured into this plan was greater than any project he accomplished or any scheme he concocted to target his enemies.

Finally, his effort was starting to pay off.

I did it!

At that moment, Danrique genuinely felt grateful to Zachary, and that was also the first time he was impressed by another person in his life.

The Lindberg and Nacht families had been rivals for a long time. Danrique and Zachary couldn’t see eye to eye either, and both even attempted to kill one another at one point. Yet, Danrique became Zachary’s family member afterward, so the latter had no choice but to yield and take the initiative to make nice with Danrique for Charlotte’s sake. Nevertheless, Danrique never took Zachary seriously.

That had been the case until Zachary helped him win back his wife.

Only then did Danrique sincerely feel thankful to and admire Zachary.

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