Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort chapter 2334

Chapter 2334 The Finale 3

Francesca whistled while facing the outside. Soon, a few male eagles flew in aggressively to attack Danrique. Danrique’s brows snapped together, and his eyes glinted coldly. Surprisingly, those eagles stopped and hovered before him, not daring to move closer.

Francesca was stunned. What’s going on? She knew Danrique had been taming animals and could even summon some of them. However, as his summoning skill was acquired and developed, it couldn’t be compared to hers.

Therefore, she couldn’t believe he could stop her command. “Leave!” The few male eagles flew away in a panic after hearing Danrique’s bellow.

Francesca regained her senses from her momentary daze and shouted for the eagles to return, but they ignored her command and soared away.

Livid but at a loss for countermeasures, she could only threaten him forcefully, “Unlock the safe immediately. Otherwise, I’ll bomb your building.”

“Go ahead, then. Hurry up and do it.” Danrique was unfazed. “This building is your daughters’ asset, and it’s worth over ten billion. If you aren’t afraid of upsetting your daughters, you may destroy this building as you please.”

She was stumped.

Francesca was beside herself with rage. Since when has he become so persuasive?

“That’s enough.” He suddenly pulled her into his embrace, held her chin, and leaned closer to her seductively. “Aside from the things inside the safe, even all the Lindberg family’s riches can be yours if you behave obediently and come home.”

“Get lost!” She pushed him angrily, but his strong arms held her in place. She couldn’t break free no matter how hard she struggled.

“You’re already a mom, so why are you still so hot-tempered? You should consider the children even if you don’t care about me. Do you want them to lose either their daddy or mommy?”

He began tackling her soft spots.

“I gave birth to them, so why would they lose their mommy?” Her anger intensified. “I won’t be dead even after you’re gone.”

“Everyone will die sooner or later, but just because you know you’ll ultimately expire doesn’t mean you shouldn’t enjoy life.”

She was taken aback after listening to his casual response.

He seems to have a point. That’s right. Perhaps I won’t live for long or die before him. Still, I can’t start avoiding the problems now simply because I’ll pass away in the end.

“I was afraid of bringing you home because Lindberg Corporation was unstable. However, things are different now because I have acquired the ability to protect you and the kids.”

Danrique grasped her chin and made her look him in the eyes.

“I promise an incident like that will never happen again. I’ll not restrict you anymore as well. You can continue to work as a doctor if you wish, or I can keep you company as you travel around the world if that’s what you wish, as long as you come home.”

Danrique seldom spoke in such a romantic manner. Francesca wasn’t used to that treatment as he wasn’t acting like his usual self.

She had to admit that his speech resonated with her heart’s sentiments.

Still, the lesson she learned previously made too huge an impact on her, rendering her unable to move past it.

Amidst her ponderation, the door to the conference room was suddenly pushed open. Sean led the three kids into the room. At the sight of the couple’s intimate interaction, he hastily turned around.

“Mr. Lindberg, I’ve brought the children here.”

“Daddy, Mommy!”

The kids jogged over unsteadily, climbed up the sofa, and lay on Danrique and Francesca like three little kittens. They wrapped their chubby arms around their parents’ necks and acted coy.

“Mommy, I missed you so much. Why don’t you follow us home?” Alpha said.

“That’s right, Mommy. Come back with us. Daddy and I missed you very much, too,” Beta chimed in.

Gamma uttered, “I miss you too. All of us do.”

“Alpha, Beta, Gamma, I’m here to bring you home with me.” Francesca hugged her children while chiding Danrique, “Hurry up and open the safe for me. I want to bring my assets and kids back home with me.”

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