Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort chapter 2328

Chapter 2328 Matured

“Haha!” Danrique burst out laughing. “You don’t have to thank me.” He hoped to make her happy, and if money could do that, he would be willing to shell out any amount. Naturally, he hoped that she could stay by his side…

He wanted so very much to tell her that he would always protect her and never allow her to get hurt in any way. Regrettably, he could not.

He was aware that Lindberg Corporation was not stable enough, and the battle was not over yet. In fact, it might begin at any moment. That was why he did not want to force her! At least for now, he dared not speak his mind.

At the same time, Francesca did not spare the matter any further thought as well. She only wanted to heal Charlotte as soon as possible and return home to her children.

After having her breakfast, she returned to the guest room to give Anthony a phone call and asked him to set up a trustworthy bank account for Danrique to transfer the payment that was due to her.

Anthony was preparing the formula milk. When he heard that the medical fee was one billion in M Nation’s currency, he was so shocked that he nearly dropped the milk bottle on the floor. Thankfully, he was agile and caught the bottle in the nick of time.

“One billion? Isn’t that too much? Who promises you this amount of money? Do they mean it? I don’t want them to ask for their money back once the patient is well again.”

“What nonsense! Danrique has agreed to it personally. How can it be fake?” “What?” Anthony was stunned. “I thought Danrique was ill. Why—?”

“Charlotte is the one who is unwell. She’s his cousin, so it wasn’t him…”

Francesca went on and shared the details with him. In the end, she added, “Initially, I was also angry with him for lying to me. But, I am indebted to Richard. Furthermore, Charlotte is the aunt of my children. That’s why I decided to save her.”

“You are doing the right thing,” agreed Anthony. “But, there’s a problem. You told me that Charlotte had been poisoned by someone from the Nacht family. In other words, the president is no longer the sole enemy of the Lindberg family. Now, the Nacht family is also going against them. I heard that the power of the Nacht family spans the globe. We can’t afford to offend them. I think it’s best that you conceal your identity and not let others know that you’re the one treating her. Otherwise, you may make more enemies. Even if you are not worried about yourself, think about the children.”

“You’re right.” It was only then that issue crossed Francesca’s mind.

“Try to come back as soon as you are done with her treatment. The children have been crying every night since you went away. We spent the nights trying to coax them and couldn’t get any sleep ourselves.”

“I understand. I will come back as soon as possible.”

After hanging up the phone, Francesca mulled over her identity issue. Not too long ago, her identity was nearly exposed because she was entangled in the fight between Danrique and the president.

She might have shown up as a Chanaean doctor in that battle, but there were others who knew her true identity.

Fortunately, Danrique covered up any news related to her afterward. There was no way to find any trace of her right now. Those who were in the know had sworn to absolute secrecy.

However, that was their problem. Anthony’s reminder caused Francesca to rethink her identity situation. From now on, she had to protect herself and keep her identity a secret.

With that in mind, Francesca got Sean to prepare a set of disguises for her.

She got herself a dark green cloak and covered herself from head to toe, like how it was done in the movies. From then on, she would never show up as her true self. There would be no more Francesca in the world, only Dr. Francesco!

Danrique realized that she had finally become mature. In the past, she behaved like a child. After experiencing many hardships, she had gradually become more sensible and thorough in her decisions.

After all, she had the protection of Layla and Lincoln in the past. Right now, she had to be independent and protect her children.

As a mother, she had to be strong and eradicate any future complications for her children so as to ensure a safe future for them.

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