Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort chapter 2327

Chapter 2327 Thank You

Hugging Francesca in his arms, Danrique tenderly kissed her on the forehead. How I wish I could hold her forever and be together for eternity!

Francesca seemingly sensed his warmth as well. She burrowed into his embrace, rubbing her face against his neck. As her skin brushed against him, it left a tingling feeling in its wake.

That inadvertent teasing was sufficient to ignite the fire within him. The urge to take her gripped him, but he forcibly suppressed it. He was all too clear that she was exhausted to the core then, so he couldn’t touch her.

Despite the fervent desire within him to join with her and reestablish their intimacy, he had to endure it. That night, Francesca slumbered soundly. She slept from a little over eight o’clock to only wake up the next day at o’clock in the afternoon. Opening her eyes groggily, she muttered, “I’m hungry.”

“You’re hungry? I’ll have someone prepare some food at once.” Danrique instantly notified Norah to prepare some food and deliver it upstairs. Then, he went to the bathroom and drew a bath.

Francesca was dazed for a while before she got out of bed and washed up. Having done that, she returned to the mini living room in the bedroom to eat.

The entire process was ingrained and natural. It was as though she had never left and had always been the mistress of that bedroom. Everything appeared to be a matter of course.

Danrique sat on the sofa at the side with a cup of black coffee in hand, gazing at her tenderly. Francesca was entirely focused on eating, making it seem like she was doing something of utmost importance.

She’s still the same, forever having such a big appetite and respect for food. She sleeps and eats well, just like a docile child. “Have you had your fill staring at me?” Francesca questioned out of the blue.

Danrique was stunned for a second before the corners of his mouth lifted. “No.”

“Hmph!” Rolling her eyes at him, Francesca uttered coldly, “Well? How much are you paying me this time?”

“Do you not want half of my assets anymore?” Danrique drawled meaningfully.

“Of course…” Francesca blurted. But in the next heartbeat, she changed her tune, adding, “Not!”

“This isn’t like you. When did you change so much?” Danrique teased.

“Money is nice, but half of your assets come at the price of innocent lives, so forget about it.”

As Francesca recalled the deaths of Layla and Lincoln, guilt and self-condemnation surged within her once more.

It’s enough to make such a fatal mistake once. There can’t be a second time.

“I’m sorry.”

Danrique hung his head. Truly, he was guilt-stricken about that incident. Alas, he had never been good at words, so he had no idea what else to say other than those three words.

Lifting her head, Francesca stared right at him. “I don’t want to say that it’s okay. I’m saving Charlotte mainly because I owe her father a debt of gratitude. Besides, she’s your aunt’s daughter…”

She didn’t finish her utterance, merely giving voice to the rest of her words in her mind.

She’s also my kids’ aunt. I’ve got no family since young, so I hope my kids will have many people protecting and loving them in this world. Even if I’m no longer here, they’ll still have other family members.

“Thank you!”

It would seem that Danrique really didn’t know what else to say other than such brief responses.

On the heels of that, Francesca made a U-turn again. “But… repaying a debt of gratitude is one thing. You’ve still got to pay me.”

“Uh…” Danrique was momentarily taken aback. Chuckling, he remarked, “The familiar Francesca is back!”

“Forget about half your assets. I’ll never marry you, nor do I want to be involved in the mess that’s the Lindberg family. I don’t want shares or fixed assets. I only want cash.” Francesca was practical beyond words.

“How much do you want? Just say the word.” Danrique was generous and munificent.

“I want…” Pausing, Francesca did some calculations carefully before stating, “A billion in M Nation’s currency!”

“Sure!” Danrique agreed readily.

“I’ll give you the bank account later. Just transfer the money there. Thank you, boss!” Francesca raised her glass of milk to him.

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