Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort chapter 2325

Chapter 2325 She Is Home

“Why would I be mad at you? I’m thankful beyond words.” Immediately, Francesca urged, “Since you didn’t tell him anything previously, don’t do so now. It’s good for the kids to be with me. Our days are simple and stable without sabotage or threats at every turn.”

“When Lindberg Corporation has stabilized in the future, and Mr. Lindberg has taken control over everything, he’ll still get you and the kids to come back. He still loves you and has never changed,” Sean asserted.

However, Francesca rolled her eyes. “Never mind that! My three kids and I are perfectly contented living a carefree life.” Sean was startled for a moment before he inquired emotionally, “Three kids? You had triplets?”

At the thought of the children, Francesca inexorably turned gentle. “Yeah. They’re all girls and are incredibly adorable.” “That’s great! There’s someone to inherit the Lindberg family! Haha…”

Sean was over the moon. “Hah! Isn’t the Lindberg family only passed down to males? I previously heard from Mdm. Norah that only boys hold succession rights to the Lindberg family,” Francesca scoffed coldly.

“That’s because the daughters of the Lindberg family are carefree princesses who don’t need to shoulder the burden of the family,” Sean explained.

After pondering for a while, Francesca felt that it made sense. “Well, that’s true. There’s nothing good about having succession rights to the Lindberg family. Other than money, no benefit comes from it. Worse still, one would have to live under constant threat, putting up with the risk of losing one’s life anytime.”

“Indeed. Hehe…”

“Oh yes, how did Danrique get poisoned? Who poisoned him, and what kind of poison was it? How’s his condition right now?”

“His situation is grave. The person who poisoned him was Zara Nacht from the Nacht family. The poison is rumored to have originated from Riz Corporation and penetrates into the blood, which is very much lethal. In short, he’s only hanging on to life by a thread at present. He almost died multiple times, but the medical team forcibly dragged him back from the grave.”

The instant Francesca heard that, she panicked. “How did that happen? My daughters haven’t even seen their father, yet he’s about to die. Why are you driving so slowly? Speed up!”

“Yes, of course!”

“For the love of God, get out of the way! I’ll drive!”

Shoving Sean aside, Francesca took over the wheel. The black jeep sped off like lightning.

A day later, Francesca arrived back at Xendale.

By the time she disembarked the plane, Gordon was already waiting for her there.

They all got into the car and rushed over to the Lindberg residence.

When they arrived, Norah and the others were waiting at the door. As soon as they saw Francesca, they all swarmed around her, dabbing at their eyes while telling her how much they had missed her.

Francesca merely greeted them perfunctorily before rushing to the clinic. Gordon had told her that the patient was situated at her clinic in the past, so she charged over without even thinking about it.

When she reached the ward, her heart almost stopped beating. Tears escaped her eyes at the sight of the person lying motionless on the hospital bed with needles and tubes all over, an oxygen mask covering the hair.

At Kerrie’s reminder, she changed into an isolation gown. Cautiously stepping into the room, she wailed, “Danrique! Dan…”

Before she had finished speaking, she was entirely stumped, for the person on the hospital bed wasn’t Danrique at all.

Instead, the thin and fragile figure was obviously a girl.

Francesca’s eyes went wide in astonishment, and she was wholly stupefied. While she was still in shock, a pair of familiar arms hugged her from the back, even as a gentle voice rang out from behind her. “So, you’re still concerned about me!”

Jolting, she snapped her head back.

Although this handsome face has thinned considerably and the eyes sunken, it’s still as familiar as ever. Isn’t this the man I both love and hate… Danrique?

“Danrique? Y-You aren’t sick?” Francesca cried out in surprise.

“I’m sick. I’m suffering from lovesickness.” Danrique wore an aggrieved expression that was tinged with a hint of sincerity.

Francesca was so livid that she thumped him on the chest. “How dare you dupe me! Go to h*ll!”

As she said that, she pushed him away furiously and made to leave.

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