Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort chapter 2322

Chapter 2322 A Favor To Ask Of You

At Anthony’s remark, Francesca’s face drained of all color. “A deadly poison? Could it be Danrique?” Meanwhile, Anthony’s expression was solemn. “General Jablonski didn’t say, but it’s likely him. Otherwise, why would the Lindberg family search for renowned doctors with such fanfare? Who else is so important other than Danrique?”

Francesca’s brows furrowed. ”They won’t be able to find my master. He happens to be in seclusion these few months.”

Every once in a while, Dr. Felch would go into the mountains and seclude himself to research medicine, refusing to meet anyone. In such a situation, no one would be able to find him except his apprentices or close friends.

Hearing that, Anthony regarded her timidly. “What should we do, then? Are you planning to interfere in this matter?”

Francesca went silent. Back then, Danrique’s fight with the president resulted in Layla and Lincoln dying a tragic death. From that moment on, she swore that she would never again be involved in any political battles or meddle in things that had nothing to do with her.

Indeed, she kept her word.

For over a year now, she and Anthony had been living in seclusion in the mountains with the triplets, giving no mind to the world’s affairs and keeping out of everyone’s grievances and fight.

However, something had happened to Danrique once more though it had only been a year.

Can I really sit back and do nothing?

She stared at her three adorable children, feeling conflicted beyond words.

No matter what, he’s their father. If they were to learn that I did nothing to save him when they’d grown up in the future, would they hate me? But if I do go and save him, I’d be embroiled in the mess again.

Cradling her forehead, she plunged into a dilemma.

“Don’t be so panicked. Perhaps things aren’t as we think. Maybe it’s someone else who’s sick,” Anthony comforted softly.

“About everyone in the Lindberg family is dead, so could else could it be if not him?” Francesca retorted.

“Uh…” For a moment, Anthony had no words to refute that.

“Forget it. I’m not going to care about him and his end. What has it got to do with me?” Francesca huffed in a fit of rage.

She continued tinkering with her herbs.

“Yes, yes, you made the right decision. Don’t care about him and just live our lives,” Anthony hurriedly seconded. “I’ll go and see whether Mdm. Parker is done cooking dinner. She’s making chicken stew tonight.”

As he spoke, he scurried off to get busy.

On the contrary, Francesca wasn’t in the mood to do anything. Eyeballing the information on the laptop, she imagined Danrique dying from a deathly poison. Her heart hurt as though it was being ripped into shreds.

Despite her hatred and resentment toward him, she was still worried and anxious to learn that something had happened to him.

While she was deep in thought, a car engine sounded outside. Anthony sprinted out to check on the situation before dashing back in frenziedly. “Some men from the Lindberg family are here, Francesca!”

Stunned, Francesca froze for a brief second before asking, “Who exactly?”

“I stole a peek through the crack of the door earlier. It’s Sean, Mylo, and the others. What should we do now? Should we make a run for it?” Anthony inquired anxiously.

“Watch over the kids.”

Giving that order, Francesca picked up the poison pouch and tied it to her waist before heading out in huge strides.

Upon opening the wooden door to the courtyard, she was wholly stunned by the line-up before her eyes.

Three cars were parked outside, while Sean, Mylo, and the others stood in two rows in an orderly manner. They waited quietly, not daring to knock on the door or make any noise.

At the sight of her, all of them bowed their heads and greeted in unison, “Ms. Felch!”

“It’s been a long time, Ms. Felch.”

Sean walked over and pinned his eyes on Francesca with a smile.

It’s been a year! Her hair has grown longer, and her skin is even fairer. She’s more steady and mature than before, but the sparkle in her eyes is still there.

“How do you know I’m here?”

No sooner had Francesca asked that question than she found it pointless.

If the Lindberg family wants to find someone, they can certainly locate that person. What’s more, this place of mine isn’t that isolated.

“Actually, we’ve always known that you’re here. But we were afraid of disrupting you, so we didn’t dare come and visit. This time, we only came because we’ve got no choice and have a favor to ask of you.” Sean wore a somber expression, the look in his eyes complicated.

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