Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort chapter 2317

Chapter 2317 Going Into Labor

Based on Francesca’s physical condition, it was tough enough for her to be pregnant with a child, let alone three. Therefore, the risk had increased by three folds.

When Francesca went for her prenatal checkup, the doctor advised her to go for a multi-fetal pregnancy reduction. In other words, she would have to abort two of the fetuses and only give birth to one. Although that was the safer option, she rejected the doctor’s recommendation. These are all my babies, so I can’t give up on any of them. I’m also a doctor. I believe I can protect my own children.

With that in mind, she started improving her medical skill. She would keep her health in check every day and make prenatal preparations.

Anthony was worried, so he registered for a medical card at Kindness Hospital in H City and made arrangements for a private jet. He thought if something were to happen to Francesca during labor, they could board the private jet and fly to H City.

However, he was afraid that she would scold him. Hence, he made those arrangements behind her back.

Meanwhile, Francesca’s mood had been stable. She was reading ancient medical journals and preparing herbal concoctions every day. She had even gotten a new set of tools to deliver the children on her own.

Seeing that, Kimberley freaked out. She went home and told her husband that Francesca and Anthony could be wanted criminals because Francesca didn’t dare to give birth in a hospital.

Fortunately, Francesca and Anthony treated Kimberley well, so Kimberley never thought about reporting them to the authorities, albeit living in fear every day.

In the blink of an eye, Francesca was seven months pregnant. Her appetite was great, and she would eat two plates of grilled pork, a plate of braised pork, and a pot of fish stew every day. Besides, she was eating plenty of fruits and vegetables as well.

Consequently, her initial skinny cheeks gradually turned rosy and plump. In fact, she looked rather lovable.

Anthony felt relieved when he saw how well Francesca was doing. He then told Kimberley to buy more groceries so that she could cook more food for Francesca.

One day, Anthony drove to the city to buy some daily necessities. Suddenly, he noticed there was a group of people asking about Francesca. He hid in an obscure spot and sized the group up. Aren’t those people from the Lindberg family?

Frightened, he quickly drove back toward the mountain.

When he was on his way back, his phone rang. Kimberley was on the phone, and she sounded nervous and emotional when she said, “Anthony, something bad happened, and your wife is going into labor! Come back!”

“I’m already on my way back. What happened to her?” Anthony asked anxiously.

“At around noon, she said she was thirsty, so she was eating half a watermelon on the armchair. At that time, I was doing the laundry. Before I finished doing the laundry, I heard her screaming. She said she was feeling pain in her tummy, and she told me to call you. Oh, no! Her water broke! This is bad!”

As Kimberley was talking, Francesca’s screams could be heard through the phone.

Anthony freaked out, and he instantly drove faster.

When he was halfway up the mountain, he saw a few black cars that were heavily modified tailing him. The Lindberg family must’ve sent out those cars.

Right then, he started to panic. If I go back now, I’ll be bringing all of them back with me. If I don’t go back, Francesca will be in trouble!

As he was thinking about what to do next, Kimberley’s voice rang out from the phone once more. “Oh gosh! Fran!”

“What is it? What happened?” Anthony asked.

The call was still ongoing, and Anthony was driving and conversing with them at the same time.

“Fran fell down!” Kimberley was holding Francesca up when she urged, “Anthony, come back! Quick! I can’t do this on my own.”

“I want to be home as soon as I can, but there are people following me from behind.” Anthony was overwhelmed by anxiety.

“Who?” Francesca asked weakly.

“I think they’re from the Lindberg family,” Anthony answered. “What should I do, Francesca? If I go back now, I’ll lead them there. If I don’t go back—”

“Don’t come back,” replied Francesca with absolute resolution. “Lead them away…”


“Just do as I say.”


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