Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort chapter 2316

Chapter 2316 Living In Seclusion

Seeing that everything had changed, Francesca finally calmed herself down and started assessing her relationship with Danrique. She was also assessing their future together. Perhaps staying apart and not seeing each other is the best outcome for both of us.

“Francesca…” Suddenly, Anthony’s voice rang out. Francesca turned toward him and asked, “Is it done?”

“Yes.” Anthony nodded. “The orphanage is now General Jablonski’s. Besides, it has nothing to do with Lindberg Corporation’s foundation anymore. It’ll be an independent body.”

“Okay. That’s great.” Francesca smiled. When I was the legal representative of the orphanage, I had too many responsibilities. That was why others were always using it to threaten me.

She had since taken William’s advice and transferred the orphanage to Justin. From then on, she was free from obligations and ties. That way, no one could use anything against her.

At the same time, Francesca and Anthony had also stopped using their phone numbers and bank accounts. They transferred all the money in the accounts to the orphanage, leaving only a small part of the money in a new account provided by Justin.

Just like that, they cut off all their contacts, and no one could locate Francesca again.

“I’ve already found a place,” Anthony uttered in a deep voice.

“Okay.” Francesca nodded before turning toward Justin and said, “General Jablonski, we’ve bothered you for long enough. We shall leave now.”

“What’s the plan for the future?” Justin asked worriedly.

“Ms. Layla and Mr. Lincoln liked Phoenix City a lot when they were still around. I would like to bring them there.” Francesca looked at the clouds in the sky and said in a sad tone, “I got Anthony to buy a loft there. We plan to stay there.”

Not only did she want to bury Layla and Lincoln there, but she also wanted to take the opportunity to compose herself. I was too reckless, willful, arrogant, and foolish. Besides, I’m still not capable enough. I need to change.

“Okay. Feel free to look for me if you ever need anything. I’ll always be here,” Justin said.

“Thank you.”

Francesca and Anthony left Valmora the next day. They went back to H City before catching a flight to Phoenix City.

The location Anthony found was a small town on the mountainside located on the west side of Phoenix City. The town wasn’t well-developed, but one could lead a comfortable life there. As for the loft that they were going to stay in, it was built a year prior. The previous owners were academic professors who had returned home from the city they worked in.

The couple was going to emigrate abroad with their children, so they had no choice but to sell off the loft.

The loft had a Chanaean design, and the furniture and decorations also had a retro Chanaean style. There were all sorts of plants in the courtyard, and the place looked elegant and artistic.

When Francesca stepped into the courtyard, she felt an indescribable sense of comfort. Anthony really knows me well. He has found a place I like.

The two then found a cemetery behind the mountain and buried Lincoln and Layla there. They also planted an osmanthus tree next to their graves because that was the scent Layla liked.

Once everything was done and dusted, Francesca and Anthony settled down there. They would visit Lincoln’s and Layla’s graves every day to chat with them as if they had never left.

It was as though they were still living as a happy family.

Anthony would accompany Francesca to the prenatal checkups. They also hired a woman, Kimberley Parker, from the town to take care of Francesca and deal with daily tasks.

When they stayed there, a lot of people thought Francesca and Anthony were a married couple.

They were living their peaceful and harmonious lives, and a few months passed in the blink of an eye.

Francesca’s tummy grew larger by the day. She would take her own pulse every day and come up with herbal concoctions for herself to make sure she could safely give birth to her three children.

Indeed, she was pregnant with triplets.

Since that was the case, risks had just gone even higher for her because her body wasn’t even suitable for pregnancy in the first place.

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