Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort chapter 2315

Chapter 2315 Stay Away

“You’re not to blame. Judging by the current situation, there’s nothing else you can do,” Sean uttered. “Furthermore, we’re only compromising for the time being. It’s never too late for revenge. We can always go after the president when the dust settles.”

“Yes.” Danrique nodded. “In order to achieve great things, one must stay calm.” “However, this is going to let Ms. Felch down…” Sean heaved a sigh and added, “She’s going to get overwhelmed by stress and guilt.”

“She’s going to be fine after some time.” Danrique said those words casually as if it wasn’t a big deal. Time is going to wash away the anger and hatred she’s feeling. I’ll just look for her again by then. I think our relationship is stronger than that. “But…”

Sean was hesitant to speak. He still hadn’t told Danrique about Francesca’s pregnancy. Prior to that, Sean thought the situation they were in was dire. He was worried that Danrique would act recklessly after finding out about the pregnancy. If that were to happen, Danrique could put his own life at risk.

That very day, Sean planned to let Danrique and Francesca talk things out before telling Danrique about it. However, before he could do that, Francesca got pissed off and stormed off.

Danrique had a lot on his mind, so he didn’t notice Sean’s hesitance.

After a moment of hesitation, Sean decided to wait it out. Now, Mr. Lindberg and the president had just agreed. They’re still wary of each other, and everything’s still hung in the balance. If something big were to happen, it’s going to be troublesome. Perhaps I should just wait a while longer. It’s better if I were to tell him about it once everything quiets down.

The wait lasted for a month. By then, Danrique’s relationship with the president had finally returned to its initial friendly state.

As expected, the president blamed his wife for all the crimes and cleared himself of all the wrongdoings. In the end, he only admitted to one charge of negligence. For that, he held a press conference and publicly apologized to the public.

Besides that, he also explained the statements made prior. He announced that the first lady was the person who stirred things up. Hence, he told everyone that he and Danrique had reconciled. Besides, they were going to work together to strengthen Erihal.

After that, the president personally visited Lindberg Corporation and urged Harrier and Kevin to help Danrique manage Lindberg Corporation.

After he had done all that, peace seemed to have finally been restored.

Soon, the damaging statements died down. The president and Danrique worked together to get rid of all statements made before. That included the statements regarding Francesca.

Ultimately, none of those statements could be found on the internet anymore.

Indeed, no matter how shocking the news articles were, people were bound to forget about them after some time. One month later, no one was talking about the Chanaean doctor anymore.

It was as if nothing had ever happened before.

Meanwhile, in the courtyard of a villa in Valmora, Francesca was lying on an armchair, squinting her eyes, and lazily basking in the sun.

One month prior, Francesca brought Lincoln’s and Layla’s ashes along when she followed Justin to Valmora.

Throughout this period, she seemed peaceful, but she was utterly devastated.

She wanted to kill the president and avenge Lincoln and Layla. However, she knew she didn’t have the power to do so. Now that everything is back to normal in Erihal, I won’t even have a chance to get close to the president.

Justin advised her to let go of the hatred and recuperate before taking revenge in the future.

As a matter of fact, Justin understood Danrique’s point of view. At times, power really comes with responsibility. A lot of people are relying on him. He even needs to be responsible for Lindberg Corporation. Since her life was at stake, he couldn’t possibly take the risk.

Justin told her all about it before, but Francesca wouldn’t listen.

In the depths of her mind, perhaps she was just disappointed in Danrique instead of feeling hatred toward him. At the same time, she just wanted to stay away from him and all the conflicts. Having been through so much, I finally understand what Ms. Layla and Master reminded me about. A lot of people and situations may seem harmless, but they might create problems that I can’t solve. Hence, the smartest thing to do is to stay away from those people and situations.

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