Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort chapter 2292

Chapter 2292 Apprehended

Francesca and Anthony counted down every second until six hours finally went by. As soon as the plane landed, Francesca took Anthony’s phone and instinctively dialed Danrique’s phone number. However, she froze before she could tap all the numbers.

She was unsure how to talk to the man, so she decided to call Gordon instead. When the call failed to go through, Francesca got anxious. She quickly tried to call Sean, only to discover that his phone had been turned off.

Feeling helpless, Francesca eventually resorted to calling Danrique but was gripped with anxiety when his line turned out to be busy.

“Let’s go home first, Francesca,” suggested Anthony as he tried to pull her into a car.

However, Francesca refused to do so. “I’m not going home. We have to get air tickets now to go back to Xendale. We must find Mr. Lincoln.”

With that, she dragged Anthony to the ticket counter.

“Are you out of your mind?” Anthony immediately stopped Francesca. “We finally got out of Xendale, and you want to go back? Do you have any idea how many people want to kill you? What makes you think you’ll survive if you return to that place?”

“We can’t just send Mr. Lincoln to his death!” exclaimed Francesca anxiously. “I already have four deaths on me. I don’t intend to add another one.”

“Francesca…” Just when Anthony was about to say something, his phone rang.

Francesca hurriedly answered the call. “Hello?”

“It’s me, Francesca,” greeted William from the other end of the line in a surprised tone. “I thought I’d try calling Anthony, but I didn’t actually expect you to be with him. Are you safe?”

“I’m very safe,” replied Francesca. “William, how’s the situation in Xendale?”

“Well…” William hesitated. “The president was shot during a press conference an hour ago. The perpetrator was caught—it was Mr. Lincoln!”

“What?” Francesca’s eyes widened, for she was fully convinced that Danrique would have stopped Lincoln. I didn’t think this would happen!

“So the president’s dead?” Anthony directed his question to the device.

“It was announced that the president had been severely injured and that he was receiving emergency treatment. But from what I can see in the video on the news, his injury isn’t lethal,” replied William in all seriousness. “I think the president and his team are taking the opportunity to get the public to sympathize with him. Public opinion has been very unfavorable to the president recently. L was sure it wouldn’t be long before he got what he wanted. Unfortunately, after what Mr. Lincoln did today, I’m afraid the tide is turning.”

“What about Mr. Lincoln? Will he be in danger?” Francesca could not care less about politics because she only wanted to know about Lincoln’s situation then.

“Not for now, at least,” answered William. “The first thing the president’s people will do is identify Mr. Lincoln. Once they realize he’s your kin, they’ll trade him for L.”

Here, the man sighed before continuing, “I heard L sent Gordon to stop Mr. Lincoln, but Mr. Lincoln was skillful enough to lose Gordon. After Mr. Lincoln blended in at the International Conference Center, it was too late for Gordon to do anything. Mr. Lincoln was too impulsive. L finally got the upper hand, but now it’s all ruined.”

“Who wouldn’t be? Ms. Layla died,” stated Francesca somewhat angrily.

“Sorry, Francesca. That’s not what I meant,” William quickly apologized. “I just thought L would be upset about what happened. With his plan ruined, it’ll be difficult for him to deal with the president now.”

As William was explaining, Sean called. “I’m hanging up now, William. Sean is calling,” informed Francesca hastily.


The moment Francesca answered Sean’s call, she questioned, “Sean, how’s Mr. Lincoln?”

“Ms. Felch, Mr. Lincoln has been apprehended for attempting to assassinate the president. Mr. Lindberg is figuring out what to do now.”

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