Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort chapter 2291

Chapter 2291 Hope For The Best

Francesca was already on a plane when she finally regained consciousness. After freezing for a moment, she searched for Lincoln as soon as she came back to her senses.

“Mr. Lincoln wanted us to return to S Nation first. He’ll be back after avenging Ms. Layla,” said Anthony hesitantly. Francesca was furious. “Nonsense! How is Mr. Lincoln going to avenge anyone by himself? He’s putting himself in danger!”

“But you’ll be endangering yourself too if you go with him,” protested Anthony as he looked pitifully at Francesca. “You’re too weak to do anything helpful right now.” “It’s still better than letting him go alone.” Francesca got so angry that she could explode.

“Ms. Layla traded her life for yours. If anything happened to you, she would have died for nothing.” At that moment, Anthony was more serious than he had ever been. “Mr. Lincoln is only doing this for your own good. You should listen to him.”

Tears began to roll down Francesca’s cheeks when she heard those words. The usually cheerful woman suddenly became a crybaby.

“Even if you don’t care about yourself, you care about the children at the orphanage, don’t you? What will they do without you?” Anthony wiped Francesca’s tears away. “I sure won’t be able to earn enough money to feed them. Do you want to see them out in the streets? Who’s going to protect them if they get bullied? You promised to be their angel forever; you gave them your word that you’d protect and care for them until they became adults.”

“But I can’t let Mr. Lincoln endanger himself. I just can’t do it.” Francesca shook her head while tears began to pool in her eyes once again. “Ms. Layla has already died for me. I won’t be able to forgive myself if anything happens to Mr. Lincoln.”

When Anthony heard that, he fell silent. Mr. Lincoln has taken care of us like a father over the years. He and Ms. Layla were like family to me, so I don’t want to see him in any kind of danger either.

Suddenly, Anthony remembered something. “Right, when we were searching for you, Mr. Lincoln received news that Danrique could be back in Xendale and in a highly favorable position.”


Francesca was immediately filled with hope when she heard Anthony. She checked the time and realized they were still six hours away from S Nation. Mr. Lincoln would’ve made his move before we reached our destination, and I won’t be able to do anything by then. Wait a second…

Having thought of something, Francesca inquired, “How did you get me through the security checkpoint after I was knocked unconscious?”

“Mr. Lincoln bought off one of the staff members to let us through,” whispered Anthony into Francesca’s ear.

“That’s impossible.” Francesca shook her head. “Since the incident with Danrique, the president has tightened up security at the customs. The airport is filled with military personnel, so there’s no way Mr. Lincoln could have bought off a staff member on such short notice. Unless…”

“Unless what?” asked Anthony curiously.

“Did you notice anyone following you when you go up or down the mountain?” Francesca continued with her questions.

“Mr. Lincoln did mention that we were being followed,” replied Anthony, recalling the past. “I asked him what we should do, but he said our stalkers meant no harm. He told me not to worry and said nothing else.”

“They probably work for Danrique.” Francesca breathed a sigh of relief. “That means he really has gone back. He sent people to follow you, and when he realized you were taking me back to S Nation, he secretly kept an eye on us instead of stopping you.”

Sweeping her gaze across the passengers on the plane, Francesca guessed that the Lindbergs’ people were among them, which meant Danrique agreed she should return to S Nation and that he knew Lincoln was planning to assassinate the president. Danrique will probably stop or protect Mr. Lincoln.

“It’s possible that you’re right.” Everything started to make sense to Anthony then. “Don’t worry. I don’t think Danrique will let anything happen to Mr. Lincoln. We’ll try to contact Mr. Lincoln when we get off the plane.”

“Okay.” Even though Francesca had mixed feelings about the situation, she had no choice but to hope for the best.

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