Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort chapter 2290

Chapter 2290 Stop Him

The three continued to walk for a while until they finally saw the car. After Anthony helped Francesca into the vehicle, Lincoln drove them all down the mountain.

By then, dawn was about to break as the morning sun slowly rose on the horizon and shone upon their path. Leaning back in her seat, Francesca stared blankly out the car window and at the beautiful scenery outside, thinking about nothing but the death of Layla and Sloan.

Francesca had never done anything she turned out to regret before then. But at that moment, she realized she had to live the rest of her life with guilt and regret.

After all, there was nothing she could do to change the fact that her actions had cost the lives of four people. Anthony took off his jacket and put it on Francesca before wrapping his arms around her. That was his way of comforting the woman.

Perhaps she was too tired because she fell asleep in Anthony’s embrace. Lincoln stepped on the accelerator to speed up the car, and soon they were down the mountain and zooming on a wide road.

“Where are we heading to, Mr. Lincoln?” asked Anthony, sensing that something was off. “This seems to be the direction to—”

“To the airport,” interrupted Lincoln in a deep voice. “You take Francesca back to S Nation.”

“What about you?” Anthony asked hastily.

“I’m staying to avenge Ms. Layla,” replied Lincoln very calmly.

Anthony panicked. “Huh? How can you do that by yourself? I—”

Woken up by the man’s somewhat loud reaction, Francesca slowly opened her eyes.

However, just when Francesca was about to speak, Lincoln swiftly struck her neck with the back of his hand and caused her to fall unconsciously back into Anthony’s arms.

Anthony was dumbfounded after witnessing what Lincoln had done. “What are you doing, Mr. Lincoln? Why did you knock Francesca out?”

“How else would you leave on a plane with her?” asked Lincoln rhetorically before throwing Anthony a black duffel bag. “Get her changed.”

“Oh, right.” Anthony quickly did as told after returning to his senses.

Even though Anthony was simple-minded, he knew he should leave with Francesca then.

Lincoln drove so fast that they arrived at the airport in a short time.

After dressing up Francesca to look like a patient, Anthony placed her in a wheelchair and wheeled her to a counter to get their tickets.

Lincoln had already prepared air tickets for them, so he simply watched as Anthony went through all the necessary processes before wheeling Francesca through a security checkpoint.

Usually, the security personnel would have to check on an unconscious passenger, but since Lincoln had already bought off the officer on shift then, Anthony went through the checkpoint with Francesca with no problem.

As Anthony continued to wheel Francesca forward, he turned to look at Lincoln, who waved at them before leaving with sheer determination in his eyes.

After getting back into his car, Lincoln made a phone call. “Did you find anything?”

“Yes. The president will be holding a press conference at the International Conference Center at nine o’clock tonight!”

“Good. Thank you!”

Lincoln then hung up and drove directly to the International Conference Center.

Glancing at the rearview mirror, Lincoln saw that the cars tailing him had gone. He knew they belonged to the Lindbergs. I guess Danrique has a conscience after all since he didn’t stop Francesca from leaving. He probably knows it’s best that she leaves Erihal too.

At the Lindberg residence, Danrique received a phone call from Gordon.

“Mr. Lindberg, Anthony has successfully passed the security checkpoint with Ms. Felch. Our people are secretly keeping an eye on them,” reported Gordon.

“Good. Have them follow the two to S Nation,” ordered Danrique.

“Understood. It’ll be done,” Gordon promised. “By the way, Mr. Lincoln drove to the International Conference Center. He’s probably planning to assassinate the president.”

“T-The president only decided to go out into the public because he wants to set up a trap. Mr. Lincoln will be throwing away his life for nothing if he does anything reckless now,” stated Sean nervously.

“Stop him,” Danrique commanded, to which Gordon immediately responded, “Yes, Sir.”

“Ms. Layla’s death has already caused Ms. Felch enough heartache. I can’t imagine how broken she’d be if something were to happen to Mr. Lincoln too,” said Sean worriedly. “I heard from Riz Corporation that Mr. Lincoln is well-trained in combat and reconnaissance, so I’m not sure if Gordon can stop him.”

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