Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort chapter 2287

Chapter 2287 The Reason Behind Everything

The president was still pretending to be pitiful when another breaking news was reported. The first lady admitted that she attempted to frame Francesca, which was consistent with the speculation in the previous news—Chrono was Avery’s lover, and Candice was her illegitimate child.

Because of Candice’s death, Avery, who was already unhappy with her life and suffering from severe depression, became even more mentally unstable.

The first lady blamed Francesca for everything. As soon as Danrique was in trouble, she began to exact her revenge on Francesca by ensuring that the woman met with the Atkinsons. That way, she could poison Gerard and blame Francesca for it.

In the video, the first lady even arranged to buy off the Atkinsons’ family doctor and the forensic examiner. The evidence presented was solid and conclusive.

Immediately, public opinion set off another uproar. What sympathy the president had won had just then instantly evaporated as everyone shifted their attention to the first lady and wondered if there would be any more shocking news.

Meanwhile, William, who was watching the news in a wheelchair, finally relaxed his furrowed eyebrows. “Mr. Lindberg is back. It must be Mr. Lindberg,” Hazel said excitedly.

“Yes.” William watched as the dark clouds in the sky slowly dissipated. “Finally, the storm is over…”

In a hidden villa somewhere, Danrique was watching the news on a computer screen with a deadpan expression, yet his eyes were filled with a thousand emotions.

Not long after Sean checked his watch for a countdown, Danrique’s phone, which had just been turned on, rang. He looked at the phone screen and smirked. “It’s the president.”

“Don’t answer it,” ordered Danrique calmly.

“Understood.” Sean knew Danrique was testing the president’s patience since the president was only open to discussion after Danrique had gotten the upper hand.

Since Danrique was no pushover, he wanted the president to plead with him in person.

The other reason for that was to prevent the president from pretending to seek peace and taking the opportunity to end Danrique once and for all.

After all, Danrique was severely injured, and the Lindberg family suffered a great loss. Should the president decide to exercise his military power and mobilize the army, Danrique would be in grave danger.

Even if Danrique had hundreds of elite bodyguards, he would not be able to withstand such a powerful force.

That was why he had to humbly seek Riz Corporation’s help.

Only with the company’s protection could Danrique stand a chance against the president.

The phone screen kept flashing until the call ended, and since the device did not ring again after that, Danrique assumed the president was panicking about failing to reach him.

Glancing coldly at the phone, Danrique ordered, “Have Lupine carry on with the interrogation and do her best to get more secrets.”

“Understood.” Sean quickly relayed the order. He then commented with a chuckle, “These women are pretty capable. Although they’re new, they have no problem accomplishing their missions.”

“That’s true. They’re much more capable than you guys,” responded Danrique, glaring at Sean.

“Yes.” Sean quickly lowered his head.

After what happened to Layla, Sloan, and the others, Danrique was more than displeased with Sean and Gordon. The only reason the two were exempted from punishment was that he needed them at the critical moment.

“Anything from Gordon?” Danrique asked.

“The news just came in, and I was about to report it,” replied Sean. “Gordon followed Mr. Lincoln and Anthony up the mountain and saw a male eagle circling the peak. He assumed that was how the two knew Ms. Felch was on the mountain. If he follows the trail, I believe he’ll find her soon.”

“I hope so…” Danrique had mixed feelings about the news. He owed Francesca too much. Not only did he not know how to face her, but he also did not know if she would forgive him.

He was the reason behind everything, including Layla’s death. Francesca must be heartbroken…

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