Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort chapter 2284

Chapter 2284 Counterattack

“Do we not persuade them to return?” Sean whispered. “They shouldn’t be intervening at a time like this.” “Do you think we will succeed?” Danrique let out a bitter chuckle. “They’re as stubborn as Francesca.

“You’re right.” Sean sighed. “Just secretly protect them,” Danrique repeated. “Task Gordon on this, and have him bring a few quick-witted ones, but not too many.”

“Task Gordon on this? Is he not going to look for Ms. Felch anymore?” Sean blurted out. Then, he realized what Danrique was trying to do. “Oh, I see. You think that they have a way to contact Ms. Felch, so by having Gordon protect them, Gordon will be able to find Ms. Felch?”

Danrique inclined his head. He was running out of strength to speak. “Understood. I’ll call Gordon right away,” Sean said as he turned around. “Wait,” Danrique called out.

“Yes?” Sean halted in his tracks and waited for Danrique’s instructions. “Have Lupine and the others work on the second task,” Danrique stared at the clock on the wall and continued, “at three in the afternoon tomorrow.”

“Um… We’re putting forward the plan by this much?” Sean was baffled. “Riz Corporation has yet to respond…”

“Do as I say!” Danrique could not wait any longer. He had to find Francesca immediately. Before that happened, he had to have a trump card to ensure her safety too.

“Yes, sir.” Sean felt that putting forward the plan was risky, but he could understand how Danrique felt, so he dared not go against his words.

Gordon instantly conveyed Danrique’s order to the others and called Gordon and Lupine.

Once the two received their orders, they immediately worked on it.

Then, the latest news came from Lupine. Per the instructions he received, Jesse uploaded a piece of evidence of the presidential palace’s crimes every day. It resulted in an uproar, and public opinion was unfavorable to the president. Many citizens were calling for the president to step down, and some even took their protests to the streets.

By then, the president and his wife panicked.

Harrier and Kevin were not of any help at all.

In fact, Harrier was panicking. He knew that the sudden turn of tables had to mean that Danrique was back.

The news that targeted the first lady and Avery could have been due to William bribing the Gold family. However, the evidence of the presidential palace’s crimes was not something William would be able to get.

Only Danrique was capable of doing that, and that evidence was his trump card.

The president thought that he could take advantage of the situation when Danrique was targeted by M Nation to annihilate the latter and take over Lindberg Corporation, but as it turned out, Danrique came prepared.

Danrique was never one to care about power and status, but he would never let anyone who crossed him off the hook.

Harrier was smart. He knew that the president would not be able to do anything to him as long as Danrique could come back alive.

Therefore, he had to stop helping the president, or else he was doomed to a terrible death.

But what can I do?

Harrier was gripped with anxiousness.

Right then, William sent his men to bring a tortoise to him.

The moment Harrier saw it, he immediately understood that it was best for him to act like a tortoise hiding in its shell at a time like this.

Hence, he immediately went into hiding.

Kevin grew a brain this time, for he did the same thing as Harrier. Therefore, both of them went into hiding.

The two of them abandoned Lindberg Corporation and discreetly fled the country. Even if the president and his wife were furious, there was nothing they could do about them.

The tide had changed. The presidential palace was losing the people’s trust, and the army and the Ministry of Law were starting to waver. Even the ones who were sent to keep an eye on the Lindberg family were beginning to work half-heartedly. As a matter of fact, they were even letting many things slip by them knowingly.

Everyone was waiting for Danrique to return.

The perilous state of everything forced the president to hold a press conference, hoping to clarify certain things to salvage his reputation.

At three in the afternoon the next day, right as the president was about to head up the stage for his speech, he received a piece of shocking news.

His wife and his daughter had been kidnapped!

All colors drained from the president’s face when he heard the news, but he soon calmed down and announced the kidnapping of his family at the press conference. Then, he started to try to gain sympathy from the people.

However, in the middle of his pitiful act, he received a message. Mr. President, aren’t you afraid of us killing your wife and daughter if you continue to play the pity card?

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