Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort chapter 2283

Chapter 2283 Becoming Stronger

How am I going to find someone as good as her? How am I going to face Mr. Lincoln? What am I going to tell Lincoln and Anthony? What about the kids at the children’s home?

What about me? Tears escaped from the corner of her eyes, and Francesca’s eyes fluttered shut. Sloan’s naive yet handsome face emerged in her mind.

Back when they first met, she still did not have her memories yet. The first time she summoned a beast with the summoning spell, Sloan was starry-eyed.

From then on, he became her fan. To help her out, he even went against Danrique’s orders and let her go sneakily. Every time he received the task to protect her, he carried it out to the best of his ability.

Every time she fought with Danrique, he would defend her. To her, Sloan was not just a bodyguard; he was her buddy in the Lindberg family.

This time, he impulsively broke into the prison with Layla to rescue her. He was someone who had gone through rigorous training, so how could he not know that he was running straight to his death?

He definitely knew it. But he still came because she was the one he admired and wanted to protect most.

Zolt and Morty, too. They were Sloan’s good friends, and they were often tasked to protect Francesca, so they were close to her as well.

That was why they had blindly followed Sloan there. In the end…

The thought of those cruel scenes was like a knife through Francesca’s heart. Her twenty-one years of living had been eventful, but she never bore any grudges toward anyone.

Not even Chrono. What she felt the most were often resignation and exasperation.

However, this time, Francesca abhorred the masterminds—the president and his wife.

Regardless of everything, they had set her up and killed Layla, Sloan, Morty, and Zolt. Francesca was never going to let them off.

With that thought in mind, a new motivation to live burned bright in Francesca.

She had to recompose herself and make herself stronger. It was only then she would be able to protect herself and the people around her.

She could not be the lamb waiting to be slaughtered anymore.

Now, Francesca regretted not listening to Layla. She should have created more powerful weapons and poison and brought them along with her. She could have made herself more powerful in both attack and defense.

Nevertheless, she had to wait until Xendale was peaceful again before she could work on that.

After all, no matter how mighty she was, she could never win against those in power.

I wonder how Danrique is doing now. Is he back? Will he be able to turn the tables and defeat the evil couple?

Francesca stared at the dark cave for a while before forcing herself to sit upright. Then, she gobbled down the wild berries and chestnuts beside her.

She had to recuperate and recover as quickly as she could so that she could leave the place.

She had to look for Danrique.

Danrique woke with a start. His forehead was beaded with sweat, and terror filled his amber eyes.

He had a nightmare again, and in his nightmare, Francesca was caught in an explosion in the underground dungeon. She was torn to pieces, and her blood coated his entire body.

He screamed her name as his heart shattered into a million pieces.

The pain he felt in his chest seemed so real.

“Mr. Lindberg, you’re awake,” Sean said from behind the screen. “Do you want some water?”

“Any news of her?” asked Danrique instead, covering his eyes with his hand.

“Not yet,” Sean tentatively replied. “But Ms. Felch’s childhood friend, Anthony, has gone to Xendale to look for her. Mr. Lincoln is with him. The two of them are working in secret, and they thought that no one has found them out, but the president’s men have been watching them the moment they arrived.”

“Mr. Lincoln has been saved?”

“Mhm. He’s been released a few days ago,” Sean answered. “Riz Corporation’s men were nice enough to send him straight to S Nation. He probably saw the news and failed to contact Ms. Felch and Ms. Layla. He was worried about them, so he came to Xendale as soon as possible.”

“Send someone to protect them from the shadows,” Danrique instructed. “Don’t alert anyone.”

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