Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort chapter 2282

Chapter 2282 Lowering Ego

“Yes…” Sean felt complexed. “I can’t fathom why.” “He gave up all his wealth to help me, so the favor he owed me is repaid,” responded Danrique lowly. “Perhaps he didn’t take it into account when he didn’t stop Sloan and Ms. Layla, or perhaps he’s trying to create obstacles between Francesca and me.”

“You rarely use the word ‘perhaps.‘” As far as Sean could remember, Danrique had always been confident in everything. However, now, he did not sound as certain, especially when it came to William.

Maybe he’s trying to think positively. It won’t be good if we make assumptions with no solid evidence, anyway. To the proud Danrique, he lost to his ego this time, as he had underestimated his opponent’s strength and schemes.

Perhaps because of that, he started reflecting upon himself. As if Sean had figured it out, Danrique stayed silent for a long while before slowly stating, “Get in contact with Emperor of Riz Corporation. Tell him I need his help.”

It was the first time Danrique had to humble himself this much, and that shocked Sean. While Sean was aware that Danrique could handle the president and his wife with his power alone, what they lacked was time.

The more they delayed this, the more danger Francesca would be exposed to. Hence, Danrique had to strike back with no time wasted.

Even so, Sean seemed a bit reluctant. “But we offended Riz Corporation when we helped Mr. Lincoln that time. I’m afraid Emperor will refuse to help us.”

“Just try,” persuaded Danrique. “No matter what, we’re still distant relatives.” To Danrique, saying such words was like mocking himself.

“Understood. I’ll do it right away.” With that, Sean contacted the people at Riz Corporation, asking them to convey Danrique’s message to Darcel.

All they had to do now was wait for a response. Nowadays, Darcel was the only one powerful enough to restrain those prestigious families.

Danrique needed help, as he could not do it alone. The Nacht family and the Lindberg family were arch-enemies. In fact, the one who made things difficult for Danrique right now was Zara Nacht, so Danrique definitely could not ask for help from the Nacht family.

Because of that, he would rather lower his ego and get help from Darcel.

Staring at the calendar on the wall, Danrique counted the days.

I have to make the president beg me to return in seven days. That way, Francesca will be safe.

Meanwhile, in the jungle, all that could be heard was the rhythm of water dropping.

When Francesca woke up from the nightmare, her mind still played the devastating moment before Layla and Sloan’s deaths.

She lost count of how many days it had been since the tragedy.

After she fainted, the beasts took her to the jungle. By the time she regained consciousness, she already had coconuts and dews by her side, as well as some chestnuts brought by the squirrel.

She ate all of them, as she needed to stay alive to avenge Layla and Sloan.

Like a child who had made mistakes, Sam accompanied her silently.

Her body gradually recovered, but it could not be said the same about her willpower.

In her whole life, this was the first time she had suffered such a devastating loss.

Layla was like a mother figure to her. The former had taught her, protected her, and even guided her when she was lost.

Sadly, the kind Layla was now gone forever. She did not even get to meet Lincoln for the last time.

Even though Layla and Lincoln had been arguing all their lives and could not stand one another, Francesca knew they cared about each other.

They had agreed that after this crisis was over, they would lie low and live a peaceful life in the hills together.


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