Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort chapter 2281

Chapter 2281 He Could Have Stopped Them

Needless to say, they were eagerly waiting for it. However, they did not receive any tasks even when a few days had passed. It was not until yesterday did Gordon inform them to head to Koandria for a mission to deal with Jesse.

“We can finally go out! I’m so happy!” “Yes, we can finally meet with Boss!” “I wonder if he’s still the same as all those years ago.”

“Of course he is! He won’t grow old.” “Stop fantasizing, you guys. Our boss already has a fiancée. We’re going to Xendale to search for our future lady.”

“Yes!” Meanwhile, when Danrique was awake, the first thing he asked was about his woman. “Have you found Francesca?”

“No,” replied Sean cautiously. “But we’ve managed to deal with Jesse and give him the data as you ordered. He released the first piece of news ten minutes ago. Everything’s going smoothly.” Not replying to him, Danrique covered his forehead with his hand.

While he had been gradually recovering in the seven days he stayed in Xendale, he needed more than ten hours of sleep a day. After all, he suffered quite severely—the wounds repeatedly got inflamed and infected.

When he learned of Layla and Sloan’s deaths, he reprimanded Gordon and Sean. On the contrary, when he heard of Francesca’s uncertain fate, he was all silent.

After a long while, he finally ordered Gordon to search for Francesca, but not to draw any attention. He was certain that Francesca would be fine, for the beasts she summoned would protect her.

Perhaps she’s hiding somewhere to heal her wounds silently. Yeah, that must be it.

“Mr. Lindberg, this is the medicine Gordon had someone send over. Ms. Felch left it at home. Maybe it will do you good. Do you want to try it?” asked Sean, feeling his heart breaking for his boss.

Danrique was blasted by a bomb, resulting in his body being covered in wounds and injuries all over, including his vital organs. If he did not have a good physique, he would not have survived until now.

Although he was treated by the best surgeon there was, it would still take a long time for him to heal completely. How I wish Francesca was here.

“Of course it would do me good. It’s her meds.”

As Danrique stared at the bottles and tubes in front of him, as well as the crooked Chanaean words on them, her small and beautiful face formed in his mind.

He could not help but be engulfed with guilt.

I said I’d protect her, yet she’s going through all this disaster because of me…

“Mr. Lindberg, the president’s people are searching for us all over the place. They even have people guarding the Lindberg Castle and corporation,” reported Sean. “Also, Harrier has led his people to barge into the house countless times wanting to take the seal. Mdm. Norah is injured because of them.”

“What audacity!” shouted a subordinate angrily, who had been listening from the side.

Norah might be merely a housekeeper, but she had watched Danrique and the other bodyguards grow up as if they were her children.

In their eyes, she was their beloved elderly.

They hurt Mdm. Norah just to get the seal! They’re employing any means necessary just to get things done, huh?

“Tell Norah not to block their path. If they want the seal, then let them have their way,” ordered Danrique. “If they could break into my study room, I have to respect their abilities!”

“Understood.” Sean then instructed someone to give Norah a call before continuing, “To stop the fuss, the president tried to bribe the Gold family, but he couldn’t afford to pay them, so he could only turn to Harrier and Kevin. However, those two couldn’t fork out that much money as well, so they plan to steal the seal to fish out the company’s funds.”

Sean paused for a while. “To be honest, Prince William has helped us big time. He used all his wealth to buy off the Gold family and had them release the scandal to suppress the president and his wife. Before this, he had even convinced Ms. Atkinson to retaliate against Mrs. President. That went fairly well, but…” he trailed off, not knowing how to put it into words.

“He could’ve stopped Ms. Layla and Sloan from impulsively saving Ms. Felch, but he didn’t,” Danrique finished for him calmly.

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