Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort chapter 2280

Chapter 2280 Female Warriors

Jesse’s eyes widened as he stared at the bombed-out garage in disbelief, listening to the commotion outside. “We’ve planted bombs in your house, office buildings, and clubs. You can’t even guess where, and nobody could spot them. If you don’t cooperate, the bombs will go off one by one,” sneered the young woman while arching a brow.

“W-What the h*ll do you want?” Jesse stuttered. “I’ve done everything Prince William asked me to do. I didn’t break the contract.”

“Shut up,” stated the young woman as she placed the muzzle on the man’s forehead. “Our boss is not the refined Prince William. There’s no room for negotiation. If you don’t do as asked, death will be the only ending for you. Even your money can’t buy you out of this!”

With that said, the young woman whistled toward the outside, prompting another explosion to go off. Shuddering, Jesse raised his head to look at the nearby exploded warehouse, which caused him to widen his eyes in horror.

That was his favorite warehouse, as many heaps of gold and silver jewelry were inside. There were even important documents and countless M Nation’s currency. Those were my hard-earned money! “Mr. Gold!”

The bodyguard of the Gold family frantically ran to him. However, he did not even come close to Jesse when he was shot dead by another Lindberg family’s female bodyguard, who was guarding the door.

“You trash! You should’ve gone to save my belongings!” cried Jesse as he was trying to get to his feet, only to get shot in the leg.

Bang! “Ah!” shrieked Jesse, falling weakly to the sofa. “So? What do you say?” The young woman smirked as she stared at him.

“Okay! Okay!” Jesse finally understood why Danrique was nicknamed “Devil.” His method of handling matters was completely different from William’s.

It was resolute; he was given no chance to negotiate. “Do as asked!”

“Yes!” Immediately, Jesse called the company and had them release the news regarding the evidence of the crimes made by those at the presidential palace, as well as the dirty tricks of the political world.

Jesse was aware he would be in immense danger in the future if he released this news. However, if he did not do so, he would be in danger right at that moment.

As of now, all he could do was silently pray for Danrique to turn the tides and return to his peak. Otherwise, he would be dead for real.

“There are ten pieces of news. Release one every day.” The young woman patted Jesse’s cheek with the gun’s handle. “Remember, I’ll be watching you, so no funny business,” she warned before leaping out of the window.

Jesse instantly rushed to the window to see four young women jumping into a black modified car. Soon, the car disappeared into the thick smoke in the courtyard and sped away.

That driving skill, this method… They are certainly not ordinary people. Danrique had merely four young women break into my house and created such havoc. He truly can’t be crossed.

With everything that was exposed to the public, perhaps he stood a chance to win. In the meantime, while driving the black car, Morgan asked, “Is it really okay for us to not guard him there, Lupine? What if he plays tricks?”

“Fear not. We’ve installed bombs and they can be controlled remotely,” replied Lupine. “Sean called earlier and informed us that our future lady is in trouble. They need help in Xendale, so we’re going to bring our people there.” “Noted. I’ll summon the others now.”

With that said, Morgan wasted no time in calling the others and asking them to gather at the airport. “Listen up, warriors! Our boss has nurtured us all these years. It’s now our time to repay the deeds!” stated Lupine. She was all excited.

She and the other seventeen women were orphans. Each of them had gone through tragic childhood, up until Danrique took them in and trained them on a secret underground base.

For years, they had been anticipating the moment they would officially serve Danrique in a life-and-death situation, and a few days ago, they had finally received a notification to prepare to go into battle.

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