Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort chapter 2279

Chapter 2279 Exposed

Harrier soon got his answer when it was revealed that the Chanaean doctor was the suspect in Gerard’s murder case, who was also Danrique’s fiancée.

Once again, the public went crazy with excitement, as they did not expect there would be such a twist to the truth. They could have never foreseen that the doctor they had been supporting turned out to be Danrique’s fiancée.

Because of that, the public kept a close eye on the progress of the case. At some point, an anonymous force posted the video of Hazel’s press conference.

At that time, the press conference was cut off, and anything about it was completely wiped from the internet. Even though some people in Erihal saw it, nothing relevant about the press conference could be found. Hence, people quickly forgot about it.

With the video out in the world now, people’s imaginations ran wild. Many speculated that Mrs. President was the mastermind behind this case, that she had plotted the whole thing to avenge her granddaughter.

Somebody on the internet soon pieced everything together. To butter up the nobles of Dartan, the president and his wife married their daughter off. Since the daughter refused to do so, she had a relationship with a killer from Jetroina secretly and even have an illegitimate daughter with him.

Then, the killer took their daughter and ran for their lives. When he was hiding from the pursuit of his enemies at the airport, his daughter suffered from asthma all of a sudden but was saved by a kind Chanaean doctor.

Despite the effort, the child was still murdered by the enemies in the end. As he failed to save his daughter’s life, the killer transferred his hatred to the Chanaean doctor and the local medical staff.

Not only did he slaughter thirteen medical staff, but he also escaped from prison to hunt the Chanaean doctor down, going as far as to S Nation and using the children in the orphanage to threaten the doctor.

In the end, the police in S Nation rescued the children and shot the killer dead.

Initially, that was supposed to put a fullstop to the case but the Chanaean doctor became Danrique’s fiancée later, and the president’s daughter returned to Erihal.

Mrs. President was afraid of Danrique, so she dared not do anything to Francesca until Danrique was attacked in M Nation for work and had his life hanging in the balance.

Seizing the opportunity, Mrs. President arranged the meeting between Francesca and the father-daughter duo of the Atkinson family. She then poisoned Gerard to death and framed Francesca for it.

The truth of the situation was exposed, with verified and conclusive evidence constantly being posted for the world to see.

In just seven days, the controversy had pushed the president’s side to a court case.

Fuming, the president personally contacted Jesse, demanding the latter to erase everything and even promised to give him ten times the reward.

Jesse was contemplating his words. Even if he erased everything now, it would not be a breach of contract. He had achieved his desired outcome, after all.

William was already stripped of wealth and had no power, so he could do nothing to Jesse.

Hence, it would be fine for Jesse to do as the president asked him to do.

Thinking about that, Jesse was about to agree with the president when a gun was pointed at his head. There was a golden “L” symbol on the handle of the gun.

Shocked, Jesse widened his eyes as his entire being trembled.

The young female bodyguard—who had a mask on—threw a stack of data at him before shooting him a look.

Ending the call, Jesse took the data and gave it a once-over, which made his face drain of all colors. “Pretty girl, these are the data of the crimes committed by the people in the presidential palace. If I release the info, I’ll be dead in three days.”

“You’ll be dead tonight if you don’t do it!” shouted the young woman, furrowing her brows tightly.

Suddenly, a loud bang was heard from outside.

The entire villa quaked, the windows shattered, and a raging fire was ignited outside, which caused the thick smoke to permeate the air in the courtyard.

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