Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort chapter 2278

Chapter 2278 Disaster

Mrs. President held her cheek and did not even dare to let out a loud breath. Even though she felt extremely aggrieved, their daughter was not her responsibility alone. Mr. President, as the father, had to take part in disciplining their child as well.

Despite that thought, she had not the courage to say it aloud. After all, her husband was no ordinary man.

“You’ve been staying at home and doing nothing all these years, yet you can’t even raise our daughter properly! How useless you are!” he fumed. “Resolve this matter right away, or you’ll regret it.” “Yes,” replied his wife quietly before doing as she was told.

However, before she could start handling the first scandal, another piece of news came that read: Avery’s Lover, Chrono, Took Her Illegitimate Child Away And Raised Her Alone. They Were Attacked At An Airport But Were Rescued By A Passing Chanaean Doctor. However, The Child Passed Away In The Hospital Due To Serious Injuries. In A Fit Of Fury, Chrono Killed A Total Of Thirteen Doctors And Nurses. He Even Exacted Revenge On The Chanaean Doctor.

This news came with Chrono’s verdict when he was sentenced in Jetroina, as well as the videos and pictures of him with his daughter during a hunt at the airport.

There was even a video of a female Chanaean doctor rescuing his daughter, although the former’s face was unclear. Hence, the situation got even more out of control.

Seeing that, Mrs. President broke out in cold sweat. She was aware of how the opposing party was trying to incite the public, which would then end with the revelation of her plotting against Francesca to avenge her daughter’s lover and child.

Such a ruthless move! When the president learned of the second news, he realized how serious the situation was, so he tried to sort out the issue personally. Unfortunately, no one in Koandria heeded his words. They could do nothing, anyway, for the Gold family was Koandria’s biggest tycoon.

Jesse did things with money, and since William had given him that much, no other offer could make him change his mind. Moreover, the president could not fork out an offer higher than William’s in such a short time.

The best he could do was ask his wife to contact Harrier and get the latter to prepare money and contact Jesse. While they were still arranging stuff, the third wave of the scandal was published.

Chrono Went Insane And Repaid Kindness With Evil. To Hunt Down The Chanaean Doctor, He Even Used The Children From The Orphanage To Threaten Her.

This piece of news came with the relevant information provided by the police of S Nation. Even though Francesca’s face was not revealed, it appeared that she was desperately trying to protect the children.

In no time, she received the full support of netizens from all over the world. Some had even created a slogan, asking everyone to form a union to protect the Chanaean doctor.

With that, the scandal blew up even more. While Francesca received massive support, turmoil happened in Erihal’s presidential palace.

By now, Mrs. President was already powerless to do anything; she could only let her husband take matters into his own hands. Once again, the president pressured Harrier and Kevin to handle the issue immediately.

Even so, there was nothing Kevin could do, and while Harrier had contacted Jesse, he could not afford to pay the latter’s price.

After all, Lindberg Corporation had always been under Danrique’s control. As shareholders, both Harrier and Kevin could not fish out that much money on such short notice.

When Harrier suggested raising money, Kevin was so furious that his face turned green. “We’re risking our lives to deal with Danrique for them and receive absolutely no benefits, and now you say you want to raise money? Have you gone mad?”

“Do you think I want to do it? We’re caught between a rock and a hard place here. I don’t have a choice.” Equally infuriated, Harrier began doubting whether being on the president’s side was the right choice.

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