Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort chapter 2277

Chapter 2277 Look At What You Have Done

“Your Highness, Ms. Layla has discovered who Avery’s lover and ex-husband are.” “The ex-husband is not important. Who is the current one?” questioned William.

“Chrono,” replied Monica agitatedly. “Who would’ve thought she’d end up with him? Did she frame Ms. Felch just to avenge him?” “Is there any other intel? Did they have a child together?”

“Huh? Not only are they lovers, they actually have a child together?”

Shocked by William’s question, Monica hurriedly flipped through Avery’s data, reading it carefully. Eventually, she found some information regarding the latter’s past pregnancy, yet there was no detailed explanation about the child. Monica then informed William about her findings.

“She was pregnant before, but the child’s whereabouts is unknown. There are only two possibilities regarding this—she either had a miscarriage or Chrono took the child with him,” speculated William.

Monica’s face drained of all color. “Could Candice be… Chrono and Avery’s child?” “It doesn’t matter. What matters now is that we have a good chance to strike back,” stated William in a deep voice. “Bring the data back here at once.”

“Yes.” After tidying up the papers and bidding Norah goodbye, Monica hastily returned to the castle. William scrutinized the data once before contacting the Gold family.

Soon, the person on the other end casually responded, “Your Highness, nothing good will come with offending the president. I’m risking my life to help you here, so maybe you should increase my pay.”

With a tight frown, William retorted, “We’ve discussed this three days ago, Mr. Gold. You’re doing this on purpose.” Increasing the pay? I might as well give him my entire assets.

“If this issue causes a stir, not even Mr. Lindberg could do anything. Mr. President is not one to mess with. Using the company’s resources to spread scandals on them is like making enemies with some people. Even money couldn’t cover such a big risk.”

“Mr. Gold, Mr. Lindberg will definitely be on our side. Making this move will be like helping him. He’ll certainly return the favor.”

“How will he return the favor when he’s not even able to take care of himself? Are you trying to make empty promises to me? I won’t fall for that trick.” “Mr. Gold…”

“Forget it. Since you’re not willing to pay the price, then I’ll not take the risk. Let’s not invite trouble and end things here.”

When Jesse was about to hang up, William hurriedly said, “Wait. Okay, I’ll increase the price and transfer it to you right now. However, you have to make sure the issue lasts longer in the public’s eye, so you need to help me through this until the end.”

“How long, though? Surely there’s a time frame?” “One month. No matter how Erihal pressures you, you must not delete them for one month. Instead, you have to post the info consistently according to the data I’ll provide you.”

“I gained seventy percent of your assets for just a month’s work? Well, it’s a deal!” William had transferred his assets to Jesse in exchange for the latter’s help.

Soon, the major media in the world spread the scandal regarding Erihal’s president and his family: The President Married His Daughter Off To Rope In The Nobles Of Dartan. However, His Daughter Refused To Comply And Had An Affair With A Killer, Which Resulted In Them Having A Daughter Together.

The scandal caused an uproar as soon as it came out. After all, there was evidence provided to support the claims.

In an instant, the public gossiped about it and reposted the scandal. A considerable amount of Erihal’s netizens were furious about the issue. To them, Avery had ruined their country’s reputation. Some even dug out Avery’s past controversies to add to the attack.

When Mrs. President saw the news, her face turned ashen, and she wasted no time ordering her people to suppress the news. By the time the president returned home, he slapped her across the face. “Look at what you’ve done!”

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